Rudolf teddy bear with Nutcracker
Teddy Bear Rudolf OOAK teddy bear by NatalyTools (Natalia Tolstykina) / XMAS collection 2018 Bear from my "nosed" series. My Author's design (NatalyTools) and pattern. 13 inches (34 centimeters) tall Materials: wool Mohair , black glass eyes,sawdust, wood wool & fiberfill, mineral granules,5 cotter pins, embroidered nose,pastel painting., This bear prefers to sit/ He has a felt hat and wood Nutcracker (handpainted by me). All parts are handmade by me.

Size 8 inches (6,7 inches in sitting position). The bear can not stand itself. Use support. Cutie teddy bear is sewn by hand from "sheep's wool" fabric. She has glass eyes. Her head, arms and legs are all move (cotter pins). Inside the body have sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate. The clothes sewn from cotton fabric. All clothes are removable.

Now I'm glad to meet you with the most magnificent and fabulous pig- Lucy.

Teddy Bear Sten
Handmade. One of a kind. Collectible jointed soft toy. German Shulte viscose. Glass eyes. Stuffed with wood wool. Growth: standing 29 cm. Materials:. German Shulte Mohair. Filled with wood wool German. Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks, the head: nut, bolt, and disk. The jumper is made by me. The shirt is sewed from the cotton. It has buttons.

Klintzfamily Bears
Priscilla, bohemian, romantic, warm, prairie soft, girly , winsome, fresh traditional, Lolita must-have. The style: PINK Personified. WOOLLY AND WINSOME: Priscilla was created from  thick blanket wool by an excellent maker like Hudson Bay,  Pendleton or Woolrich.

Bear Eternal History.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
Author's bear in the style of classic Teddy bears of the beginning of the last century. Completely manual work. Height: 21 inches. Weight: 2 kg. 150 gr. The bear is made of natural, high-quality materials.  Materials:. plush, Germany, * Howler, Germany Glass eyes, Germany, * Sawdust, wood wool glass granulate, * Articulated and pivot pin for head and paws The nose is embroidered with cotton threads, * scarf pan-velvet brooch vintage: wood, lacquer, gilding, hand-painted., .

Old classic bear with wings
Cuddlesome Critters
Little classic teddy is made from German mohair with German glass eyes and is filled with wood chips, wood wool and mineral pellets.

Bear John is made of a vintage plush. Fillers: wood sawdust,wood wool and steel granules. Eyes glass. Body soft, hands and legs movable. Size sitting 9 cm. Can not stand alone.

Svetlana Gavrilova
Aleksandra. Materials:.

Bad Mogwai Mohawk with wood box
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Mohawk *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Size: 26cm (10") Materials: Luxury faux fur,natural wool,cotton fabric,filled with polyester,glass eyes,cold porcelaine teeth,hands and feet;reinforced ears,5 joints,toned with soft pastels.

Teddy Bear Nicolas
Alyona Kravchenko
Nicolas is mohair teddy bear boy in classic, traditional style. He was created of German mohair.

Micro teddy bear in house - Mini bear with roombox
Farberova Olga
Micro teddy bear in house OOAK Collectible Micro teddy bear Artist teddy bear. Friend for Blythe doll. Roombox with teddy bear. Miniature doll. Teddy Bear is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Bear size: stay 3.5 cm (1.38"). The head and paws rotate, on the cotter pins. Bear wears raffia hat, bag and crocheted overalls, sweater and red hat. Bear has a small house made of wood.

Fox Harry
Artisd teddy fox Harry made of light peach and white shades viscose. Fox wears linen trousers.

Bears by Zarina Madi
I want to hug and take him always with me Bunny loves the aroma of vanilla cookies and funny conversations over a cup of herbal tea Beautiful mohair exclusive manual color makes the work unique and unique. Bunny is dressed in a warm handmade sweater. He is so cute in this sweater ... professional materials: mohair, 5 mobile fasteners, filler: wool, wood wool, glass granulate for a pleasant weight.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
Height 25 cm without ears, mohair, viscose, sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate, hand painted eyes, wool, cotton, antique tape, antique buttons, pendant in the form of a hare.