Chihuahua Taya
Needle felted toys by Natalia Kravtsova
Rare needle felted toy in the style of Teddy. Movable head, feet and tail. Puppy only sit. She is five way jointed…( 2cotter pin and discs for the head, and thread jointed for the limbs). She just sit, size 19,5cm (7.6 inch) when seated, heavy and fluffy girl. Handmade and hand-painted gray eyes. Made of natural sheep's wool. Tinted artistic oil and dry pastel.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Clyde is a little puppy of a French bulldog and he will be happy if you adopt him. Clyde about 33 cm without ears, created from German fur, artificial suede, has a skeleton in all its body, which allows it to be alive, to make half turns of the head and bends All the legs on the cotter pins, reinforced, can bend at the elbows and joints.

Dog Rokki
Orange jazz
Rocky's puppy (18cm) is sewn from alpaca, stuffed with sawdust and glass granulate, on the cotter pins, leather paws, plastic spout covered with gold paint, german glass eyes, knitted hat, silk scarf.

Oksana Matviienko
The Doggy is made by the author's pattern, completely handmade.

Lovely friends by Audrone Eidukiene
This little baby Aurora made from german mohair. He is 18.5 cm tall . Every stitch is done by hand. His Head, legs and arms are movable and have been Five-way loosely jointed with hardboard disks.Head double. This dog has been stuffed with polyester filling and steel pellets. His face has been felting processes and shaded for definition.

Anastasia Besedina
A German shepherd with a Russian soul! Dog agitation of vintage plush hand-painted, pastel-toned. Eyes glass. The sweater is not removed. Limbs spontoon on the mount.

Teddy puppy Gold...
Elena Korotkova
Teddy puppy gold. It is made of curly mohair made in Germany. Very pleasant to the touch, silky pile. Head, arms and legs are moving.Puppy color yellow.

Ziggy chinese crested dog
SimBel Bears
Let me introduce a chinese crested dog Ziggy. Ziggy is 38 cm.

Kate and Bobby.
Zheleznova Svetlana
Tender Katia and terrible in appearance Bobby's bosom buddies. Bobby only looks complicated, in fact, he's the kindest and gentlest dog. Kate and Bobby love together to walk in any weather, and when he got home, Bobby gets a sugar bone and hot chocolate. And in the evening they love to read together the stories and seen the pictures in the book.

little yorkie
Selling this tiny playfull yorkie. Made from molitan, faux fur and metal skeleton. I can also make you a stuffed pet for order from your photo.

Fedotova Marina
Lord The Wolf Stuffed Wolf Edit Listing By Fedotova Marina. 39.3 inches (100 centimeters). SALE!!!!!!! The Wolf LORD. Layaway Very big guy sitting height 70 cm, length excluding tail 1 m. 100% hand-made without using a sewing machine by my own design and the artist pattern. Made of a luxurious fur. He can sit,down ,stand inside skeleton lockline, very mobile. The ears and the tail wire frame-it is possible to bend/unbend .

Puppy Moon
The puppy is made from Italian viscose.

Walking down the street
JuNa Art
EDITION: OOAK SIZE of the Lion: ca 45 cm USED MATERIALS: German viscose, faux fur, paperclay EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks.

Olena Makeienkova
Absolutely charming puppy of Dachshund, who playfully smiles. Manufacture of viscose. Inside are packaged holofayber. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are attached to the body of bolted joints and actuators. Paws, tail and ears, reinforced with copper wire Body, legs can be gently bent. The head tilts in different directions. Claws, claws polymer clay Toning is artistic oil.

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