This beautiful, handmade One-of-a-kind Yellow Teddy Bear is a perfect gift for any occasion: Birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Housewarming or any other! It will also fit easily to any home interior and make a nice accent in any room. This teddy has been made and designed by me Lucy Lavriv. It is a collectible and not suitable for a children's toy.

Teddy and Friends
Yellow is a little bear from my summer collection "Butterflies".

Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
Primrose is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed winter white crushed silk German mohair. She is five way cotter pin jointed with a traditional neck.Her face has been needle and scissor sculpted, her eyes are black glass, she has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look.

The Jaded Bearsmith
Blackberry is incredibly sweet and soft to hold. Named after both the flowers and fruit of the Blackberry bush. She is made from a combination of curly kid mohair called vibrant verbena for her head and limbs. Her tummy, paws and ears are made of a lovely, exceptionally long and soft hand dyed yellow toned mohair. It measures in at an incredible 71mm long.

VintageDeco Bears
Fleur is made of gold yellow Russian viscose, which I trimmed back to a short pile. Fleur is firmly filled with sawdust. She is five way jointed, has long tapered arms and a stitched mouth, nose and paws. Fleur wears a dress, which is made by myself. The top of the dress is made of satin fabric and the skirt is made of lace fabric.

Yellow red gold hedgehog
The Red Tail
Hedgehog Yellow red gold:.Sewn completely by hands, * Material: fur for miniature, belly viscose.

Parrot Iro
The growth of a parrot is 4 1/3 inches (11 cm), sitting height is about 3 3/4 inches (9.5 cm).

Yellow moth
Gingercat Bears
A moth in a mixed technique, molded parts made of polymer clay, the body of two types of fabric cotton viscose. Compression metal granulate, packing synthetic winterizer.

Honey teddy bear
Honey teddy bear Made from the heart, dressed in a wool sweater. Has a unique look, sincere and very sensitive. Made of vintage plush, filled with sawdust on cotter pins.

Spring Awakening...
Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
Yellow-green leaves stretch to the sun, thin twigs make their way through the snow ... Flowers are happily interspersed, Spring has come! The bear is made of vintage plush, aged with oil. Flowers and leaves are made using the technique of dry felting. Inside the twigs wire, due to this, you can change the position. The bear is very kind, it will be a good friend for you.

For blythe doll Christmas toy Yellow Monster mushroom pale toadstool Teddy bear woodsman Panda Gift Toy for her woodland fall Amulet
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Panda Monster for you and yours Blythe! When you leave the room, the monsters play with your doll blythe And when you sleep monsters guard your peace. Monsters will serve as the best talisman against evil looks.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom is making her debut just in time to brighten any décor with her pal yellow colours for spring. She is made from dense slightly curled kid German mohair in a pale yellow soft honey colour with matching cashmere foot and paw pads. This mohair is incredibly soft and rich looking in appearance. She is 12in/30cm in height; 5-way jointed;

Golden Elm Bears
Bear Jonathan is 22 centimeter tall standing and 18 centimeter tall sitting. He is made of yellow plush with brown tipping and brown mohair. He is filled with fiberfill and pellets. His face is needlefelted and hand shaded. He has German glass eyes. Jonathan is 5 way jointed with cotterpins. His feet are needelsculpted so he can stand without help. Around his neck he wears a resin charm of grapes.

Bear Pooh
Touch of childhood
Made from fluffy German mohair stuffed with sawdust, wool, wood wool, mineral and glass granulate. England glass eyes.

Pretty Teddy
After my second son's born I can't stop to sew cute baby-Teddies.