Realistic red fox stuffed animal, fox plush, realistic toys, plush toy fox, coll
A realistic toy red fox is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. A realistic fox plush is made of artificial fur. It has a one-piece structure. The body is connected with the head and paws by a Lockline skeleton. Ears and tail are reinforced with wire to give different positions.

Big Sloth Calwin
Big Sloth Calwin 16 in (40 cm) with his little sloth-toy by Natalia Tolstykina (NatalyTools). OOAK Big sloth materials: German mohair (synthetics plush), mohair-alpaca, glass eyes, 5 way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks, fiberfill, polymer clay (claws), wool felt (nose and eyelids), wire in the upper paws for flexibility, metal pellets as a weighting agents, delicate knitted scarf., Size 40 cm (16 in) tall or 31 cm (12in) sitting. Weight 0.65 kg (1.4 lb).

Big sloth
Big and fluffy Sloth OOAK creation by NatalyTools (Natalia Tolstykina). 17 inches (42cm) or 12" (30cm) sitting Materials:german synth.plush, glass eyes, fiberfill, glass & mineral pellets,5 cotter pins in head and arms, handmade polymer clay claws,wire frame in the arms, painting. Please note that teddy-bears are collectibles and are not meant to be young children's toys.

Bear Blake
Pogorelaya Daria
Interior Toy Quality artificial fur, very touchable to the touch Polymer clay Leather Eyes glass handmade Paws, head disk fastening In the paws is a skeleton (Germany) Filled with syntapone granulate Comes with a soft pillow and ethnic decoration Sitting height 50 cm Can stand with a wooden stand

Parakeet art stuff toy by cityplush, Stuffed Parrot, 6.2 inches (16 centimeters)
The Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) or Carolina conure was a small green neotropical parrot with a bright yellow head, reddish orange face and pale beak native to the eastern, midwest and plains states of the United States and was the only indigenous parrot within its range, as well as one of only two parrots native to the United States (the other being the thick-billed parrot).

Sunny the sloth
Baby Sloth Sunny OOAK creation by NatalyTools (Natalia Tolstykina). 13 inches (34cm) or 10" (25cm) sitting Materials:german synth.fur, glass eyes, polymer clay nose, fiberfill,glass + metal pellets (heavyweight), 5 cotter pins in head and arms,handmade polymer clay claws, wire frame in the arms and legs,painting., Please note that teddy-bears are collectibles and are not meant to be young children's toys.

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