Old HaNS
Julia Valeeva Toys
225.00 USD
Brutal Tattered Bear ~ Antique Style ~ By Julia Valeeva Toys. OOAK ~ Design and Pattern by Julia Valeeva Toys. The bear is my author's imitation of an antique bear. All fabric losses created intentionally with an art goal and has a decorative character. Materials: Mohair (Germany), Wool felt (Germany) Eyes: glass and very old brown shoe button, Filling: wood wool, cedar shavings and granulate. Soft tummy!

115.00 USD
Let me introduce you Georg! He is beautiful monkey look like antique character . ⁃ He made from Mohair fabric , Germany ⁃ Stuffed with cedar sawdust and metal granulate . ⁃ He has manual coloring glass eyes ( Germany) ⁃ He is well aged , in different technics to give her vintage character ⁃ She is fully jointed, but cannot stand alone ⁃ He has a skip-stitched nose and lips waxed foot and palm .

316.22 USD
Classic Teddy from mohair. Soft belly. Good for hugs. Miracle The collar is made of fabric I bought in Positano and plush. Button from the antique market of the Czech Republic. Eyes antique.

102.24 USD
Libby is a traditional teddy looking for a new home. She is 13 inches (34cm) and made from dense, curly German mohair in a honey gold colour with matching cashmere foot and paw pads. She is 5-way jointed; has German glass eyes and filled with polyester stuffing and a small amount of steel shot for good posture.

Teddy bear Lev Tolstoy
Svetik Studio
157.27 USD
Teddy bear Lev Tolstoy sewn in the image of the great writer Lev Tolstoy Nikolayevich. There is something bestial in the appearance of this wise and experienced writer. Such an association prompted me to create a bear with a mane and large paws, dressed in a Russian shirt with embroidery. Tolstoy never hid his love and affection for the peasants and dressed as they did.

Kledi-Bears by Edith Lodes-Nowotny
120.53 USD
Hello bear and elephants friends. Please meet Elisabeth the sweet little elephant Lady in primitive style. Elisabeth is made from a lovely hand dyed german Steiff/Schulte Mohair. The ground is a sweet light green, the mohair is in denim color.

Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
130.00 USD
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials. I use vintage plush, Italian and German viscose, and mohair for the exterior, and natural materials such as cotton and silk for the outfits. The bears are stuffed mainly with sawdust and some mineral or metal beads to add weight.

Classic teddy Bear Massimo with bell
250.00 USD
Big Mohair Bear Massimo is 42cm. OOAK, classic style. He is very lovely. With bell inside. Made from exclusive Japan mohair, antiquary glass eyes, sawdusts, 5metal pins, cap & sock from cotton yarn, bell on chest, japan bell inside toy. Cap & sock is made by myself from cotton yarn. All of my toys are 100% natural mohair, old plush, glass, sawdust, cotton, silk. By my pattern.

Margie's Bears and Creations
65.00 USD

Classic bear Robert
Kikka studio
73.13 USD
This beautiful teddy bear were made by old Russian pattern (the beginning of 20 century) of Anastasia Izerghina. I was inspired by vintage style so for this bear I choose mohair antique and wool felt, amber glass eyes and decorated bear with shebby ribbon and the key. His name is Robert, the bear is fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and discs.

Cicciorsi by Antonella Bears
425.61 USD
Agata is made in the style of a vintage bear from a mohair done by the company Schulte, Germany. The fur around the muzzle and tips of the legs and feet are cut and shaded. I have Hand shaded the bearings of the legs and feet, eyes and ears to give Agata a authentically aged look. It has original antique shoe button eyes.

Sarah Dunbar
409.82 USD
16.5" bear in a chocolate brown mohair Dress designed by Cathy made from silk and antique lace Beautiful bear.

Steiff Replica 1997, Teddybear 1905
Nature bears by Veronika Heck
182.52 USD
Steiff Teddy Girl 1905, EAN 404306, LE 6000, 1997. Teddy Girl is the perfect 50 cm, 20", replica Steiff made of the red brown mohair bear that was owned by the famous british Colonel Hendorson. He witnessed the invasion in Normandy in 1944. When she was passed on to Colonel Hendersons daughter his name was changed into Teddy Girl. A very famous piece in any teddy bear collection.

Anna Musical Teddybear
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
668.70 USD
Anna, a 60 cm long curly mohair musical teddy bear, wearing an all handmade beautiful antique night jacket 1930. When pulling the cord at the back the bear play a melody.

Wise Sophia
Teddy Stories
249.37 USD
In the center of the capital of my homeland stands the magnificent St. Sophia Cathedral. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1036. At the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries it was outwardly rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian baroque.