Classic teddy Bear Massimo with bell
250.00 USD
Big Mohair Bear Massimo is 42cm. OOAK, classic style. He is very lovely. With bell inside. Made from exclusive Japan mohair, antiquary glass eyes, sawdusts, 5metal pins, cap & sock from cotton yarn, bell on chest, japan bell inside toy. Cap & sock is made by myself from cotton yarn. All of my toys are 100% natural mohair, old plush, glass, sawdust, cotton, silk. By my pattern.

the Geek Bird
Tectum naguarum
120.00 USD
It is the Introvert Bird that loves SpongeBob and Rammstein, eclecticism and anarchy. Has obscurity in the eyes and a persistent sense of it's own highbrow taste. Please keep the Bird away from drafts and your own musical taste (ha-ha, I'm joking). The Bird is 8 inches (20 cm) standing tall. Made fully by hands from Vintage plush and cotton fabric. 5 teddy joints paws and head can move.

95.00 USD
Teddy bear from vintage plush of two colors, height 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) The bear has 5-pin fastening, tightly filled with sawdust, has a recess inside the belly, weighted with metal granules, tinted with oil and pastel. Eyes glass (Germany). The bear is embroidered with Japanese beads and encrusted with Swarovski crystals (belly and right ear). The galactic bear personifies the spiral galaxy "Whirlpool".

Tartan Ornament
Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
95.86 USD
Sweet Tartan is both an ornament and a tiny bear! He is 2.5" tall, made from a pretty gold fabric that has shimmery guard hairs. He is fully jointed, stuffed with polyfill and has ultrasuede paw pads that have been needle sculpted to give him little toes. He has a rare earth magnet in his left paw that allows him to hang from his bell or anything else metal.

Fox Blueberries
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
158.00 USD
Meet! Clown Blueberries!

150.39 USD
He is an 11inch lightweight bear. He has faux fur, which varies in size, glass eyes, and plastic pellets. He has crushed velvet paws and a matching wire bow and bell. He is fully hand sewn, and five jointed (cotterpin joints). He has a story, which is based on how he was found and made.

Musical bear Zhostov
Fairy House Olesya Averina
130.00 USD
Hello, today a new, very unusual and beautiful musical bear from the series "Belly with a picture" Very gentle, interesting and with blue eyes. His name is Zhostov, since on his stomach there is an image with elements of Zhostovo painting. The color layer is very rare. It is made of an ancient, strong silk plush with manual contrast. The bear has a beautiful picture on his stomach.

Little bear Bell
69.00 USD
Teddy bear is sewn entirely by hand from American material for miniature.

Elf Bunny Sadny
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
103.00 USD
This tiny little bunny-elf is the real talisman for bring you luck and love!!! Just ring the bell on his hat!!! Little Elf is soo small!!! Just 2.3 inches (6 centimeters) so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!! Created out of hand dyed viscose for minies. Bunny is full pin jointed.

Buffoon-bear Bo
Teddy Art
115.00 USD
Buffoon-bear Bo, 11 сm. Completely handmade with love.

Old Bear
25.00 USD
Hare sewn from old plush times of the USSR. Handmade. Belly crammed with sawdust and glass granulate. Mount head and paws disks and cotter pins. Eyes glass.

Scruffy Bears
239.03 USD
Preston has very unique and incredibly soft fur. He is made from rabbit fur/hide, repurposed from a hide I found in an antique shop. His fur has to be felt to really appreciate how soft he is. He features glass sand in his tummy and paws for weight, alive eyes and trupunto foot pads.

Svetlana Gavrilova
420.00 USD
Hello! This is my new bear, soft pink, her name is Belle.

80.00 USD
Original sewing pattern, original free hand embroidery, crocheted collar with gold jingle bell. material: mohair, fleece (polyester), cotton and viscose yarn, filled: hollow fiber joints: 1 cotter pins and discs, wooden buttons eyes: brown beads nose and mouth: embroidery clothing: crocheted collar with gold jingle bell type: one of a kind, original author's teddy.

Lena Berezovaja
158.21 USD
Teddy Bear Belle This Teddy bear is like a bouquet for bride and she is the perfect as an entourage for Wedding photo session as well. Size: 23 cm (9,05") tall . All my Bears are designed by me, made by my own pattern and hand sewed. Materials: German viscose, black German glass eyes.