Steampunk bear Mitchell
243.29 USD
Noble bear looks like he has come to us from the pages of some steampunk book, from the epoch of steam-powered machinery, fashion of Victorian England and urbanistic entourage. Classical teddy-bear pattern, forms and proportions emphasize style and character of true gentleman. 27 cm tall. Materials: German mohair, sawdust and mineral granules inside boot`s button and little bell – as eyes, 5 joints pastel tinted, strongly aged.

Bear "Bitter chocolate"
390.00 USD
Hello my dear friends and those who in love with teddies! Im happy to show you, well to present you my new collection "Bitter chocolate" which is full of tenderness. Storytelling can takes a while, I know but let me try. I have a friend in a far away and that friend decided to surprise me and sent me a fantastic sheared rabbit fur jacket.

Viktoria Golubeva Bears
243.29 USD
Classical mohair bear. 40cm. Mohair, silk, wood wool, sawdust, mineral pellets, glass pellets. Glass eyes. Ribbon.

No name
320.00 USD
This is a modern classical teddy bear.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
90.00 USD
Cliff was made from vintage plush. This teddy bear is stuffed by sawdust, wood wool and weighted with glass granules. Eyes is made from glass. 5 cotters.

Teddy and Friends
150.00 USD
Teddy Koda is made in the classical style.

Gardener bear with mole
Plush Forest Bears
120.00 USD
Gardener bear with mole.

Teddy Bear
Bears & friends
100.00 USD
The bear is sewed from italian silk velvet. Inside sawdust, metal granulate.

Teddy Bears by Valeria Kucherevska
95.00 USD
It is made of antique viscose, densely filled with sawdust and glass pellets for the weight, 5 cotter pins , is fully cotter pin jointed, has glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. Cotton knitted scarf.

123.09 USD
Dusty is a small lopsided bear. He is made from scruffy fabric, similar to that of Gem. He is an old grumpy bear. He is five way jointed, made with stuffing and plastic pellets, glass eyes and large metal buttons along his tummy. His paws are a shaved fur, and he has navy nose and paw details. He comes with an adoption certificate and a story.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva
143.00 USD
Size toy length 31 cm. Made of German mohair. Eyes are glass. Filled with cedar sawdust, metal granulate and wool.

Irina Vasileva
140.00 USD
Teddy-bear Fleur Handmade from antique plush and cotton. Stuffed with excellent nice smelling sawdust. Coloured with oil paints. There is a silk bow decorating the neck.

Mr Pumpkin
Bear Rhymes
129.91 USD
Meet Mr Pumpkin, He is completely handmade from long pile German mohair, very soft and pleasant at touch. The bear is fully jointed and filled in with wool, wood wool, steel shot. He has black glass eyes and embroidered nose with some touches of oil shading. His paws are made of genuine leather. He is dressed in Hallowin themed hat with Pumpkin cross stitched on it!

Elena Malinina
198.00 USD
Whimsy is waiting for you!

Furry Happiness
145.00 USD
Sewn from a vintage plush painted by hand. Filler sawdust and mineral granulate. Eyes glass. 5 cotter pins. Growth sitting 24cm. He only sits, stands with support.