Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
115.00 USD
Bubby is very kind Teddy Dog!

Miniature Puppy Bobby
Victoria Ivanova
110.00 USD
Miniature Puppy sewn from mohair. Glass eyes Head is mobile The legs are reinforced. Accesoires :Hat, ball, dog bed. Size:6x8 cm

Svetlana Mikhaylova
100.00 USD
The doggie is sewed from a mohair with long pile. To the utmost 18 cm; Stuffing by sawdust, metal and rubber granules. A tail mobile on a wire frame.

My Pangaea
218.98 USD
Jasper's height in standing position on hind legs is 9.4 inches (24 cm), height in sitting position is 7 inches (18 cm). Sizes are mentioned without ears. The dog was hand sewed with German Mohair, using my own author’s sewing patterns; 6-pin connection of limbs. All limbs are movable. Head has a rocking cotter pin. Stuffed with sawdust + wool in the area of the fingers. Weighted with mineral granulate.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
65.00 USD
Haidi was made from mohair . This teddy dog is stuffed by sawdust, wood wool, wool and weighted with mineral granules. Eyes is made from glass. 6 cotters.

Puppy Myloo
Anna Bratkova
116.26 USD
Sweet cozy and soft dog Cozy Myloo made of soft dense german mohair.

100.00 USD
The Teddy Puppy Laira was made of German mohair. The paws were fixed on 4 forelocks and inside the paws and in the body a plastic skeleton was used that allows the paws and the body to bend and to adapt to any provision. The head of the puppy was fixed directly on the skeleton. The eyes were made of German glass and plastic material.

I Mickymaus!
Zakovorotnaya Olga
250.00 USD
I Mickymaus! A dog height 31 cm Clothes can be removed. Single copy. OOAK Materials: mohair, sawdust, metal granulate, cotton, silk, leather.

Ivanna Toys
139.98 USD
JERRY The dog is made of german mohair (synthetics). The pads are made of miniature fabrics (pawmaterial). He is filled by fiberfill and glass granulate. He has glass eyes (hand painted). Nose is handmade of polymer clay fimo. Toned by oil paints. Fully jointed using lock/nuts bolts and discs in arms, legs and head 6-Way Disc jointed. Accessories:bow and top hat. Growth 21.5 cm standing and 18 seated.

puppy york
Natalia Pinigina
60.00 USD
Made of mohair.

Vintage Pug
Teddy Station
150.39 USD
Padgate Bears Vintage Pug Made from Black Mohair Excellent Condition

Sveta Sitaleva
320.00 USD
Spaniel puppy Annie . Material: plush Schulte , mohair Hembold . Inside sawdust, wool and metal granulate . Dog only knows how to sit . Mount 6 pins . Hands and ears can be bent .

Poodle puppy Margarita
95.00 USD
Poodle puppy Margarita mohair, stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate.

Kind bears by Alla Stepanets
95.00 USD
Lora small,fluffy puppy looking for a good friend.This dog is made from the mohair (German). The dog is stuffed with sawdust,wood wool and mineral granules. Eyes is made from glass. 5 cotters. Please keep your new dog from water, steamy bathrooms, moisture, etc. to avoid deforming the silk pieces from their intended shape and texture.

Yorkshire Terrier Kerry.
82.00 USD
The growth of Kerry's 5.1 inches (13 cm) standing, height sitting 4.1 inches (10.5 cm). Yorkshire Terrier Kerry is made of mohair. Mounts movable. Fastening of paws-disks and pins. The head mount is different. From the head along the body is a plastic skeleton. The skeleton allows Kerry to tilt the head forward and backward, side to side, left and right. Kerry can stand on 4 legs, 2 legs with tail support, and sit.

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