Fantasy dragon
Collectible Toys Uliana
145.00 USD
Fantasy animal – is unusual and interesting companion for people This is a soft toy, toys handmade.The toy can be a good gift for any holiday for those who love fantastic beasts and fantasy animals. Toy can sit, stand, lie down you can give it any position. ==================.

89.00 USD
Miniature dragon Teo Full height 3.7 inches (9.5cm) Crown is removable Materials: fabric for miniature, ministoff german glass eyes, disks and joints fiber filler, polymer clay FIMO acryl lacquer, pastel

Dragon Keu
250.00 USD
Dragon Keu Growth of a dragon standing 7 3/4 inches (20 cm), growth of a dragon sitting 7 inches (18 cm).

Red Dragon
Teddy iz klubka
230.00 USD
I would like introduce you to my new cute Red Dragon teddy. He is crocheted from textured yarn in a single copy. Dragon is 17 cm when standing up. Legs and head are movable 360 degrees (5 outputs). Glass eyes made by the author. Teeth, paws made of polymer clay. The wings can take any position; they are made of cloth and painted with oil paints.

Melvin with the Dragon
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
150.00 USD
Melvin was created from a German blue-colored maher on a dark base. It is a combination of classic and fantasy style and created exclusively for this show. Size 18 cm at full height and about 15 cm sitting. Natural wood sawdust filling, mineral granulate, holofayber. All fastenings on шплинтах, a head on double. Glass eyes frame the eyelids. The nose is fashioned from polymer clay, baked. Tinted with artistic paints and pastels.

Baby terror birds
Beauty and Bears
175.00 USD
Baby terror bird, these little guys are part fantasy part prehistoric flightless bird they have a cast silicone face sculpted by me, the artist fully poseable with loc n line armature .

Fantasy Dragon Aidan
139.00 USD
Aidan Dragon Made from Plush (White and Lilac) Sitting position 15 cm, overall height including tail length 27 cm Each seam is made by hand. Inside the dragon skeleton, sintepukh, glass granulate Face made of clay Beautiful glass eyes Wings leather (any position can be assigned) The tape from the neck can be removed. This dragon will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your friend.

Little Dragon Flower
Timchenko Oksana
168.00 USD
Hello! I want to introduce my new work to a Little Dragon Flower!

Wally Butterfly dragon
380.00 USD
Dear friends, let me introduce my new creation the Wally Butterfly Dragon. A small affectionate fluffy fairy tale animal, he seemed to have come from a magical forest. He keeps an old key. Who knows, maybe this is the key to the door to a magical land.

Ollie the leopard dragon
Bearmore Bears
110.80 USD
Have you ever seen a leopard print dragon..... Well meet Ollie.... He is made with the softest leopard print faux fur and complimented by tan suedette and leather bendable wings. His belly has a rib effect and his nose. He has clear glass eyes and a sculpted face with needle felted baby horns. 5 way cotter pin jointed and weighted, watch out for his roar when stroking his back...

Dragon “Dario”
Lesya Haitova
237.21 USD
Size: full height 27cm Baby alone is not worth it. Filling: sawdust and metal granules. Material: self-hardening plastic Artista formo. The body is textile. Head, arms, legs (knees) are mobile Tinted: acrylic paint. Clothing: Japanese cotton, Genuine leather shoes (non-removable). Genuine leather jacket with a lock (not removable). Genuine leather wings on the frame are mobile.

Dragon Ondriya OOAK
231.14 USD
Dragon Ondriya is very special, her horns and beak are glowing in the dark. The height of Ondriya is 23 cm. She is weight 0,189 kilo. She is made from fluffy German alpaca and sassy . Her Beak and horns are sculpted from fluorescent polymer clay. Wings made from leather. The glass eyes are painted by hand. The body are on skeleton Lockline, he can be bent and tilted in different directions.

zuzu_teddy by Elena Zubrylava
55.00 USD
When buying a teddy bear Arthur or a teddy elephant Dorothy get Gosha as a gift!!! The offer is valid as long as there is Gosha!!!!! Gosha is a little Dragon. It's made of viscose, inside sawdust and sea pebbles. Gosha has glass eyes, embroidered nose. The toy is tinted with oil paints. It's fully jointed and can move its arms, feet, head.

Little dragon Swompy
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
185.00 USD
Newborn swomp dragons can not fly yet, but they are already too curious to stay on the ground.

Little dragon Richie
Bears by MaGy
150.00 USD
Cute, little dragon Richie, is found a home Made of fur for miniatures.

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