Goat Athanasius
140.00 USD
- my own pattern one of a kind, each stitch is made by hand mohair, handmade unique glass eyes five way jointed, stuffed with sawdust from a non-smoking home, I don`t use metal granulate for my teddy.

170.00 USD
The goat is quiet, well-bred, the mistress in the house This and the house is cleaned, and cabbage is brewed and bream and cuff to her husband will give, if he does not listen to her Lucia was made of German viscose, horns made of Japanese cotton; eyes of glass, eyebrows and embroidered lips; the hair is made of wool; sundress of different kinds of cotton (can be removed);

goat Agasha and teddy bear
Pogorelaya Daria
400.00 USD
Grandma Agasha knows a lot of fairy tales, and all the animals of the forest come to listen to her stories. Made of high quality artificial fur Italy Eyes glass handmade. Hooves and horns are made of polymer clay. 4 disc connections, in the legs-hands installed plastic skeleton Germany Filled with rubber granulate, wool.

Bunny Sunny
DreamWorld by Anna Zagrivnaya
170.00 USD
Bunny Sunny loves to bask in the rays of the bright sun... Growth 14 centimeters, sitting 10,5 centimeters (excluding the ears). Material vintage plush. Make up oil paint, acryle. Make up is fixed by a varnish. Paws are attached to the body of the cotter pin and drives. Filler sawdust and metall granules. Hair natural hair of a goat. Head, hands, feet and carrots polymer clay. Snowdrops handmade ceramic floristry.

Christmas bear-elf
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
99.00 USD
This Teddy bear doll is in a static position, primitive doll. Can only turn his head. Soft stuffing as if alive: with sawdust, mineral granulate and wool for felting. The weight is 80 gr. Comfortable lie in the palm of your hand. The height is 15 cm. A sweater, a cap and socks can be removed as a surprise you can find a volumetric embroidery on the tummy.

Teddy baby Merry
Anna Kolo
120.00 USD
Stitched from German viscose. Head, arms and legs turn.

Piggy Arinka
50.00 USD
The pig is made of plush two colors, the spout is made of genuine leather. Inside is the holofiber and acrylic. German glass eyes, Legs on the button-thread fastening, head on the thread. Dress and panties are removed. Materials: plush, genuine leather, goat curls, hollofayber, synthetic fluff, cotton, tulle, glass eyes Size: standing Height-36 cm, sitting-25cm.

Inseparable friends.
Zheleznova Svetlana
100.00 USD
A little girl and a favorite old Bear.

Goat Margot
Olena Koretska
145.00 USD
Teddy bear will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!. The goat made of italian viscose. Filled sheep wool and mineral and steel granules. Glass eyes, eyelashes, sequins. 5 cotter pins. Horns polymer clay, handmade. The clothes tulle, ribbons, lace, accessories. Height 21cm.

Goat Kondratyi
Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
140.00 USD
Goat 16.5 cm sitting, is sewed from mohair, viskose, stuffed with sawdust, synthepus, glass, rubber and plastic granules. The clothes are sewed from cotton .

Goat Romeo
304.06 USD
Hello, please meet goat "Romeo". He is 6 way jointed, double jointed neck. Horns and hooves made from modeling clay. Made from faux fur and mohair.

Goat Bekky
Victoria Ivanova
115.00 USD
Miniature sweet Goat sewn from plush Glass eyes Head and legs are mobile Filled with wool

Татьяна Изотова
200.00 USD
Magic Unicorn is a best gift for every good girl. !He is stuffed with sawdust, excelsior and metal pellets to give him good weight. Unicorn has moving joints of the head and paws. He has resin eyes made by myself and felted eyelids. A unicorn has natural goat hair. hair style can be changed. The toy is artificially aged.

Teddy the Unicorn.
100.00 USD
Collection "Snowdrops". Teddy the Unicorn. Teddy minik, height 14 cm Stitched from vintage plush hand coloring. The clothes are removed.

little blue-eyed owl
Fairy House Olesya Averina
122.00 USD
Look who I have in my hands This is a cute child a blue-eyed owl. Very delicate girl and beautiful. She has a spotted fur coat and funny ears (from goat hair) Bird is made of delicate, artificial fur. The beak is plastic. The head swings and turns. Legs and wings are also mobile. Large glass eyes of blue color, handmade.