Mouse Cracker
80.00 USD
The Thrifty Little Mouse is visiting with sweets. Mouse Cracker is looking for a good heart and a new home, promises not to eat all the tasty at once Growth baby standing about 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) Head and paws on cotter pins and discs rotate.

Cobblestone Creations
74.00 USD
This darling 2¾ inch mouse is made of gray-brown mini bear fabric, with a black leather tail. She is cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms. She looks out onto the world with black glass eyes. Her nose is black wool . She has a white crocheted ruffled lace collar and a teeny tiny daisy with a pink center by one ear.

Trinity Mouse by TSminibears
276.11 USD
Trinity Mouse Artist Miniature Teddy mouse Rat Lover Gift Doll Stuffed Animal Xmas Christmas Gift For Her By TSminibears. ___. The toy is made from Sassy Smokey long pile fabric for miniature bears and friends. She is completely hand sewn. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed. For eyes I used german glass eyes. Filled with polyfil and steal beads for pleasant weight.

65.00 USD
Elephant Grey and his little mouse friend. Made of plushe. Joint 5 cotter pins. Filled with polyester, glass granules and love. Glass eyes. The wire is in his ears Polimer clay mouse made by me. Elephant is about 2.1" (5.2 cm) sitting and 2.4" (6 cm) standing. Mouse is about 0.7" (1.7 cm) Single copy. This elephant is made for adult collectors and is not safe for young children.

Matilda and Cedric
102.60 USD
These two mice and completely hand sewn with faux fur, cotterpin joints, CE quality stuffing, steel pellets, as well as having their matching yellow accessories and a small handmade necklace for Matilda. These mice are very delicate items and should be looked after and handled with care. All accessories can be removed and put back on depending on how you want them to look.

Golden Elm Bears
85.28 USD
Ozzy is a little mouse with big ears of 15 cm tall standing. Ozzy is made of viscose and filled with fiberfill and pellets. His nose and teeth are needlefelted with merino wool and Ozzy has handshaded details. He has german glass eyes. Ozzy is 5 way jointed with cotterpins. His feet are needle sculpted, because of this he can stand without any help.

Mouse Barbara
Touch of childhood
88.93 USD
Made from German viscose stuffed with sawdust, lavander, steel and mineral granulate. German glass eyes. 5 way jointed, including.

60.00 USD
Charlotte is a very well-mannered girl: no rustling, no naughty, nothing chews Always ready to support his Man, mentally sitting next to and listening carefully! Not worth it, but obediently sitting not intended for children's games. Made from viscouse. Head and feet are moving. Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate. Tinted with oil paints. She has glass eyes. Cotton clothes. It’s collectible item. All made only by hands.

Mi-Misha by Olga Mitina
95.00 USD
The Teddy Mouse Iriska is made of viscose, she is 14sm tall and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with oil and acrylic paints. SHIPPING: The Teddy will be sent via registered airmail small parcel. It has a tracking number (trackable all the way in most countries. But sometimes it's trackable only before export.) Arriving time is usually approx.

Anastasia Besedina
100.00 USD
Mouse sewn on MK Marika Schmidt from plush and viscose, tonirovka pastels and liners. Upper paws, bend. And fingers too. eyes glass.

Mouse.The right to give a name to a toy is reserved to the buyer.
Nina Batyukova workshop
95.00 USD
Made of German viscose Schulte. The head and paws are movable (5 fastening pins, discs). Eyes are glass.

Emily, winter princess
80.00 USD
Original sewing pattern, crocheted and sewn dress, crocheted crown, blue jingle bell material: fleece (polyester), cotton fabric with snow flakes and stars, cotton yarn, acrilic yarn filled: hollow fiber joints: 1 cotter pins and discs, buttons eyes: black beads nose and mouth: embroidery clothing: crocheted crown, crocheted and sewn dresses type: one of a kind, original author's teddy.

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
100.00 USD

Ratty "Lucy"
Aleksandra Nelina
150.00 USD
Rat Lucy mohair. Gasket opalocka, metal weighting compound. The tail is alive and moving. Mount disks and cotter pins. Tinted ratty oil and pastel.

Marie Mouse
Elena Volchkova
120.00 USD
Marie is one of a kind artist mouse made from viscose. Growth 3,9 inch (10 cm). Materials: Italian viscose, german black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool, metall pellets in a bump. The nose and a mouth are embroidered. It is tinted by pastel. The head and arm of the mouse are embroidered with silk ribbons, сotton thread and beads. Clothes dress and pants. All is removed.

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