Elephant boy Sam
70.00 USD
The elephant is made of plush, the legs and head move.

Teddy and Friends
140.00 USD
Koala Jimmy is sewn on my author's pattern completely by hand.

Wolf Witold
60.00 USD
Wolf Witold the jack of spades from the collection "Poker" Height-18 cm, sitting – 14 cm (only sitting) Material – vintage plush and viscose Inside, wood shavings, sawdust and mineral granulate Head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins Glass eyes and his nose is embroidered Tinted textile paints.

Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
109.43 USD
andmade hand stitched OOAK Unicorn horse approx 22cm. She is made from high quality German viscose fur and filled with fibre filling. Traditional cotter pin jointed head and limbs. She is created. from my own design pattern with her own unique personality.

120.00 USD
Bear is at 18cm and made with viscose. She is 5 way jointed. She has German glass eyes. His body is filled with sawdust.

Samuel grey cat
skye rose bears
218.66 USD
samuel grey by skye rose bears 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Cat / Kitten . Samuel grey is a cat character of 16" excluding ears he is made from 3 different lengths of Schulte plush in white handpainted blue and gold glass eyes with added leather lids. stitched nose and mouth and added whiskers and hand shading with artists inks.

Bear Susie
159.00 USD
Bear Suizie is the sailor's loyal friend.collection " Breeze Wind " Height:12.5inch( 31 cm) Head: papier-mashe covered with plush 5 way jointed, Materials: antique plush, cotton,flax, glass eyes, inside wood wool The bear is sewn on the pattern of the author OOAK.

Ratty "Lucy"
Aleksandra Nelina
150.00 USD
Rat Lucy mohair. Gasket opalocka, metal weighting compound. The tail is alive and moving. Mount disks and cotter pins. Tinted ratty oil and pastel.

The Happy Matter
50.00 USD
Teddy bear is completely handmade with: soft, plush, huggable material; embroidery nose; glass eyes; 5-joint discs;

67.10 USD
Marengo has been created using this Gorgeous Anthracite Alpaca, with Black Woolfelt padded pawpads. He stands at 8” tall. Marengo is filled with Tenderrubber Pellets, adding Steel Shot for his perfect weight. His face features, I’ve lovingly placed Black Glass Eyes and sewn a Black Perle threaded Nose, with a touch of Varnish. Marengo is fully Cotterpin jointed, with a wobbly head joint.

The owl “Plyusha”
500.00 USD
This Owl is sewn of German plush of a very beautiful color similar to plumage. The pattern was made by me. Paws are felted from wool on a wire frame, and attached to the body with cotter pins. The wings and the head are also on cotter pins, but this owl is scarce paseable. It was born only to stand steadily on it's paws and turn it's head.

Bunny Buf
Olena Koretska
125.00 USD
Teddy bear will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!. The bunny made of cotton mohair. Filled sheep wool and mineral granules. Glass eyes. 5 cotter pins. The clothes cotton, ribbons, knitwear, knitwear handmade, artificial suede, accessories. Clothing is decorated with hand-painted on fabric. Height 19cm. Teddy Bunny Buf is my original design, OOAK.

Cat Vaska
90.00 USD
Cat Vaska made of flannel and cotton (Japanese and vintage); eyes made by hand from glass; cap made of cotton (removed); filler sand and cedar sawdust. Cat is very soft and pleasant Artificially aged.

Oksana Matviienko
139.98 USD
Artist teddy Bear OOAK. The minibear is made by the author's pattern, completely handmade.

Vorobyova Irina & Ermakova Anastasya
190.00 USD
Monkey Anita sewn from Germany viscose, 5 pins, stuffed with sawdust and granulate. He is fully jointed and has his head, legs and arms movable. Anita is wearing pantaloons, dress ,coat and bonnet. The dress is made of beautiful fabric and decorated with cotton lace. The coat is made of delicate flannel gray-blue color and tied to a bow. Legs decorated with flowers of beads.