61.64 USD
Bertie is golden brown mohair with cream mohair in the ears has black glass eyes and fully jointed light blue bow and a bell handmade with loving stitches.

Jo bears
170.87 USD
I am pleased to introduce you to my latest porcelain faced panda .Toby has large sad looking brown dolls eyes set into the porcelain at an angle to gaze up at you appealingly . Toby's body is made from a beautiful curly German mohair in oyster and a dark brown that has a light tip very unusual and one of my favourite mohairs.

164.05 USD
Dash is a 10 inch luxury faux fur bear.

105.00 USD
Teddy bear from vintage plush of two colors, height 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) The bear has 5-pin fastening, tightly filled with sawdust, has a recess inside the belly, weighted with metal granules, tinted with oil and pastel. Eyes glass (Germany). The bear is embroidered with Japanese beads and encrusted with Swarovski crystals (belly and right ear). The galactic bear personifies the spiral galaxy "Whirlpool".

Teddy bear Sophie
250.00 USD
OOAK handmade teddy bear. When first stars light up at night and ideas force a door, witch Sophie wakes up and gets to work. She sings a song for the moon, creates dreams for children and calls inspiration to someone who doesn't sleep. If you can't think of something new, invite Sophie but get her a gift. And maybe you will hear your muse whisper. Teddy bear Sophie .

200.00 USD
teddy bear made from very silk mohair, very beautiful light gray colour toning soft pastel blue glass eyes the complex filling of the body (6 components) Silk ribbon and bell around her neck.

Misha pistachio
100.00 USD
Artist teddy bear misha made of light pistachio green shade hand-dyed viscose. Misha wears vintage style collar made from cotton lace and soft green colour sateen ribbon. He is 6" tall and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with acrylic paints. He can sit perfectly, stand with back support. . SHIPPING:. The bear will be sent via registered airmail small parcel.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
79.92 USD
Baldur the bear cub is a nice handful of teddy! He is weighted with steel shot so he feels chunky in your hand. Baldur is 3" tall and made from a soft long pile fabric with shimmery guardhairs that catch the light.

pockets full of stars
35.00 USD
Today, in my shop replenishment). Meet the future leader of a large and ancient tribe with a real Indian name Keruk. While he is still quite a baby, he takes his first steps and learns about this world. Keruk is only 21cm tall, light enough, which makes it possible to take it with you on trips and travels. Keruk will be happy to meet new people and impressions).

Valentina Lyubimova's teddy and nature
100.00 USD
Thank you for your attention to my toys . This kitten caracala steppe lynx . Made of faux fur , the inside of the frame and padding polyester . Eyes glass . Legs , tail and ears movable . Spout and pads on the feet of polymer clay . Its dimensions : height 25 cm length 26 cm .The toy is light , soft , cozy , very similar to the real one .

Kaito fox
195.00 USD
New-born playful fox Kaito. 43 cm tall + 15 cm tail, 28 cm when sitting straight. This fox is made of high-quality Schulte faux fur. The glass eyes were hand-painted and then decorated with lids of apoxie sculpt. The muzzle is needle-felted and then toned with oil paints. The ears are wired and can be bent in different ways. The body, paws and tail are lined with lockline.

Mini teddy Philipp
75.00 USD
Mini teddy Philipp, the bear a primitive is sewed from vintage thin brown plush. The head on one cotter pin, turns. The vest is sewed from green suede with a belt and a buckle, takes from a brown velvet, with a decorative accessory from lace, is trimmed by brads and beads. The little bear is very similar to the brother Paul. Your little friend on travel!!!

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
115.00 USD
Patricia is a very сute bear. Likes to sit on hands. She will bring joy to your house! Very much wants to find a new family. The growth of the bear around 16 cm USED MATERIALS: German viscose EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. FILLING: Sawdust and metal pellets. Bear tinted artistic pastel . Нandbag from felt.

Brown teddy bear Lumy
77.00 USD
Brown teddy bear Lumy. By Diana Verevkina . 4.7 Inches (12 cm) standing.

Ralph 11 inch Handcrafted Artist Teddy Bear, Brown Mohair, One of a kind
Melissa Jayne Bears
95.78 USD
Hello, this is Ralph, he is a one of a kind artist mohair bear handmade by me, Melissa Jayne Bears. He measures approx 11 inches/28cm in height and is made from a 20mm, ratinee/wavy german schulte mohair in a lovely shade of brown. He wears a little reversible waistcoat which I have handmade out of a brown mix, vintage 'Flower Garden' fabric, with trailing leaf design lining.