Teddy by Lena Volodko
45.00 USD
Sir Richard is an intelligent and educated rabbit, with good manners. In his hands holds a walking stick. The bunny is sewn from a decorative plush. Inside the wooden sawdust. The head, arms and legs are attached to 5 cotter pins. The eyes of "crazy", glass, the production of Germany. Tinted with acrylic paint. On his head is a black hat. It is not removed.

Audrey Rabbit (Eliza)
265.00 USD
“My fair lady” is the one of great music films, that you imagine hearing “Musical” word.. Making miniature Eliza’s Doolittle costume from Ascot Racecourse was very challenging for me. “We will buy something simple and modest and elegant. That’s what’s called for. Perhaps with a bow. Yes. That’s just right” – talks Professor Higgins about new Eliza’s dress.

79.00 USD
Height is 11 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend. Materials: smokey long pile, ministoff hand made knitted scarf with brushes, hand made brooch from felt fiber filler, glass granulate 5-way disk-jointed, German glass eyes tinting by pastel., All my toys are made only from quality materials by my own patterns. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

Teddy Rabbit Вlackie
Bears by Nadejda Mohova
107.42 USD
Rabbit sewn from Italian viscose Combined packing.

Rabbit Choco
Lena Minchenkova
120.00 USD
Let me show to you my new creation graceful, brown rabbit . He was made from vintage plush and decorated with flowers , silk and satin ribbons, beads and pearls. Size 23 cm (9,1 in) tall or 16 cm (6,3 in) sitting. Materials: vintage plush, , glass eyes , metal granules, , 5 cotter pins, Please note that teddy-bears are collectibles and are not meant to be young children's toys. Rabbit comes with a certificate.

Rabbit King
77.00 USD
Rabbit s made of artificial fur . Filled with sawdust, mineral granulate. Mounting 5 studs. Glass eye. Rabbit sits well, stands with support.

Fantastic rabbit Yumani
87.00 USD
Fantastic rabbit Yumani The height of growth is 8 cm. Head and paws made of clay The body is made of German plush Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are mobile (threaded fastening). Filled holofayber and metal granulate Black eyes This little rabbit walls an ideal accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your beloved friend.

Tatiana Bushmakina
159.00 USD
Rabbit made from vintage natural plush, plush painted by hand, a rare color.

Rabbit Galochka
70.00 USD
Rabbit a plump girl. Stitched on the pattern of Larisa Gavrikova according to all the rules of the teddy. Short pile artificial plush and sawdust.

105.00 USD
These beautiful, handmade One-of-a-kind Teddy Rabbit Toys are the perfect gift for any occasion: Birthday, Easter, St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Housewarming or any other! This bear has been made and designed by me Svitlana Novytska. It is a collectible and not suitable for a children's toy. NOTE! You can purchase the full set for $250. My TEDDY RABBIT TOYS: constructed in colored viscose (Milky, Grey, and Ginger)., has glass eyes.

Antoshka, teddy hare
bears by Olga Rybkina
130.00 USD
I am glad to present you my new plush rabbit. Height 21 cm and 16 cm sitting, without taking into account the ears. The rabbit was stitched from German mohair. Hands and feet on cotter pins, rabbit head on a double cotter pin. There are sawdust inside the rabbit. In the tummy is a mineral granulate. May stand well. Ears are reinforced. He is completely handmade.

Unnamed Rabbit.
Bearmore Bears
121.72 USD
A Standing Rabbit ready to hop into some ones heart... He is ready to be named and homed. made from a super soft medium pile beige faux fur and complimented by a mustard Alcantra Ultrasuede. He is 5 way jointed and steel disc weighted. Stitched nose with shading, needle felted mouth and teeth. Ears have armature inside for positioning to give him different looks.

Blue bear Ronnie with rabbit hat
76.00 USD
Sad bear Ronnie hand stitched on my author's pattern. It was made from German viscose manual coloring blue. Eyes from glass. This bear was stuffed with sawdust, metallic granules and part of my soul. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move. Looking for a best owner. It's hat removable. Rabbit hat with long ears sewn from white viscose and blue cotton. Painted by dry pastel.

Mini bunny Assol 6cm
85.00 USD
Bunny Assol Stuffed Bunny / Rabbit By Tatiana Gorbacheva 2.3 inches (6 centimeters). Dear friends! I'm glad to introduce to you my new bunny Assol . The cub was crocheted and brushed to fluffy, then all-body scissor shaped. Crocheted parts have no seams, and that's a great advantage for miniature. Each limb, each part was crocheted separately, thread-shaped. Then carefully brushed to fluffy and scissor shaped. He is 5 way thread jointed.

Levit Inna
97.00 USD
Rabbit Ignat. Height 25 cm, excluding the size of the ears.