Pumpkin mouse November
Elena Volchkova
130.00 USD
November tiny teddy mouse from the collection "12 months of happiness" Height of November mouse 2,1 inch (5,5 cm). Left paw is unique embroidered with cotton thread and beads. Made from viscose, stuffed with wool. 5 way jointed with a t-pin and discs. Glass eyes. Mouse has a pumpkin hat (hat is taken off). The mouse likes to take off his hat and play with the pumpkin. November.

Mouse Cracker
80.00 USD
The Thrifty Little Mouse is visiting with sweets. Mouse Cracker is looking for a good heart and a new home, promises not to eat all the tasty at once Growth baby standing about 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) Head and paws on cotter pins and discs rotate.

Mouse Mary
Teddy Trendy Bears
152.13 USD
9 inches (23 centimeters). Merry Christmas from Mary! She has knitted outfit, the bag and the spoon She is ready for winter holidays, but if to remove her headband, her outfit is suitable for every day. Her hear turns, her arms and legs turn and bend (they have wire inside). The mouse can sit free, but cannot stand.

Johnny's Mouse
107.00 USD
Johnny's Mouse Height of growth of 9 sm (sitting) Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Fingers are mobile Pumpkin is made of clay Filled holofayber and metal granulate Black eyes (German glass) The mouse has a nice hood (you can remove it). This mouse will be your friend or ideal accessory for your home and, possibly, a wonderful gift.

Mouse Funny
82.00 USD
Let me introduce a wonderful plush miniature teddy mouse Funny!

Cobblestone Creations
74.00 USD
This darling 3 inch mouse is made of tan mini bear fabric, with a tan leather tail. She is cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms. She looks out onto the world with black glass eyes with horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black wool surrounded by horsehair whiskers. Her ears are lightly tinted a delicate brown. She has a pastel striped ruffled collar.

Tiny Christmas Mouse
Cutest Arts
120.00 USD
One of a Kind Tiny Christmas Mouse .For a Lower shipping, Please contact me***., This tiny Mouse is made of felt and not removable from the ball Comes with a COA. A truly one of a kind Mouse, unique. Like all my other items, will never be duplicated. All beautiful and different littlle cuties, perfect for any collection!

130.00 USD
Mouse, 15 cm.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
164.29 USD
Today the little mouse, Chris. Chris is made of German viscose. The seat height of 4.33 inch. height 5.12 inches (11 cm, length 13 cm). Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, hands and feet splintage mount. Rotate. Clothes from cotton and Jersey. The cap is tied by hand. All clothes off. Chris can only sit. One of a kind. Does not contain metal granules.

Teddy Mouse
Cozy Josie
120.00 USD
The Mouse is made of German faux fur, stuffed with wool, weighted with metal granulate. The legs and head is movable.

Mouse Button
Victoria Ivanova
75.00 USD
Miniature Mouse made of wool Glass eyes

Little Baby Mouse,
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
115.67 USD
Little Baby Mouse, a 14 cm light brown mohair mouse.

Ernest and Celestine
Lord Bears
200.00 USD
The work was done by inspiration from reading wonderful children's book by French writer Gabrielle Vincent, "Ernest and Celestine". It tells of friendship and adventures of Ernest the bear and his "adopted daughter" baby-mouse Celestine.Bear made of Italian faux fur, tightly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Clothing is removed.

Mary mouse
annaartpolo bears&frends
95.00 USD
All year Mary was a good girl. She did not chew books, did not lose pencils under the cupboard. And gingerbread from the buffet did not carry, and sweets. It's all a mischievous little blame. But how to scold him of such a crumb?. Mary mouse was sewn by hand from viscose, densely packed with sawdust. Dressed in a removable dress and a cap sewn with my handles.

Matilda and Cedric
102.60 USD
These two mice and completely hand sewn with faux fur, cotterpin joints, CE quality stuffing, steel pellets, as well as having their matching yellow accessories and a small handmade necklace for Matilda. These mice are very delicate items and should be looked after and handled with care. All accessories can be removed and put back on depending on how you want them to look.