Wise Sophia
Teddy Stories
334.45 USD
In the center of the capital of my homeland stands the magnificent St. Sophia Cathedral. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1036. At the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries it was outwardly rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian baroque.

Naturalistic Red cat Maine Coon. 18 In
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
700.00 USD
Naturalistic Red cat Maine Coon is a collectible toy made using the technology of teddy bears, as well as my author's designs. Thi toy is very pleasant to touch and has a lot of weight, like a real cat. Rad cat Maine Coon made of German faux fur. Stuffed with wool and metal granules. Cat has bendable legs, body and tail. (Special puppet skeleton and wire).

Miss Lory
230.00 USD
She is a very pretty loris. Miss Lory is sewn by my own technology. She has 4 splintage connection and the neck with moveable skeleton. Arms and legs have author joint attachment. So you can bend and unbend all limbs, also you can rotate hips and forearms a little. It allows making more natural poses. Despite of his mobility loris can stay by himself. Even fingers are flexible.

Bear Marseille
390.00 USD
My dear friends, I am pleased to present to you my new big Teddy bear Marseille. Marseille is sewn from natural fur (mouton sheepskin). The bear is fulfilled with love, birch sawdust and glass granular materials. That combination is making a bear to be a little bit heavy. As usual in this bear I used my favorite cotter pin joints: hands, feet and head can be moved.

Pink teddy bear in a dress
AlinaBears vintage style
150.00 USD
Pink teddy bear in a dress. I would like the name of this girl bear come up with her owners themselve. 14 inches (36 centimeters). Antiquarian plush, sawdust. 5 movable joints. OOAK. Clothes are removed! A tribute to all things old school, these vintage style teddy bears perfectly capture the spirit of the “good old days”, when clothes were funky, movies were black and white, and times were simple.

Artist teddy bear Kumiko
Kikka studio
121.75 USD
Kumiko is a very big and cute teddy bear. My artist pattern, OOAK. The bear is fully jointed in the way of 5 pins and discs. Made of very beautiful high quality German mohair . Paws and palms made of natural wool felt. Kumiko had big amber glass eyes. She has very cute nose of natural leather.

rustic bears
112.00 USD
Teddy bear Fedya from my summer collection called "on vacation to the village"bear is made in the village , made according to my scheme of vintage plush of the USSR, Bear stuffed with cedar sawdust, weighted with a mixture of granules, glass Eyes, mulberry nose, Teddy bear and natural fabrics, all that is used in special stores for Teddy bear!

105.00 USD
The bear was made from the German mohair with rare pile. It is a kind of natural material whose fiber was made of sheep wool. Cross-stitch was made manually on the stomach. For cross-stitch cotton mouline thread was used. Eyes of a bear are German glass. The bear was filled with sawdust, and for providing weight glass granulate was used.

Apricot Kurd
200.00 USD
The lovely bear with great character, likes to sit on a lap, to listen to reading good books and tea with apricot cream) Soft fur with long pile of very beautiful color, with dark tips and a beige basis. Holofiber filling. For pleasant weight glass and mineral quartz granulate is added to a tummy and pads (weight of a bear of 900 grams) Eyes glass, hand painting.

Bear Plushik
135.00 USD
The teddy bear is made of artificial fur "mink". Plushik pressed against his chest, like a living creature. Puziko is filled with silicone granules and holofiber. Paws contain glass granulate and synthetic fur. The nose, mouth, eyelids and paw pads are made from natural suede. Materials: artificial fur, natural Suede, holofiber, sintepukh, glass granulate, silicone granulate, glass eyes. Size: sitting height 33 cm. Care instructions: Dry clean.

Toys by Talya Roshchina
87.00 USD
The bear is made according to the pattern of a classic old bear. Used German ivy production Schulte.

Bear Daisy
Pogorelaya Daria
300.00 USD
Made from Alpaca (Germany) Height (without ears 33 cm) Nose, claws, jaw: made of polymer clay. Pads of the paws (fingers) natural leather In the body is a plastic skeleton (Germany), mobile The mouth opens and closes The dress is made of staple Leather sandals Beads natural river pearls The horse is made of viscose Steiff Schulte, leather supply. Dimensions 10-12cm Daisy will be a wonderful friend.

Plush Forest Bears
140.00 USD
ear, origin 2016, Ulm.

Rose Garden Toys
120.00 USD
Sweet Rose is hand sewn from softest viscose, stuffed with aromatic sawdust and is now watching the world with German glass eyes. Five cotters allow her to move her limbs and head, making her a very curious little girl. Her delicate dress is hand sewn from natural linen and is decorated with a hand embroidered rose.

Forest. Bear
Mir zverushek
400.00 USD
Size in full height from heels to the head of 37 cm. Sitting 26 cm. The fur is Alpaca Shulte. Upper and lower jaws (upper and lower teeth, palate, tongue). The mouth may be closed or open. Due to the magnetic mounting mouth is free to move and can be fixed at any angle, and slightly oblique position. The magnetic mount is very sturdy. It can not be broken.

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