Pink needles
146.05 USD
I would like to present you my small collection called TWINS. People often ask me why do you call them “TWINS”? Obviously a bear and a hare, and even more so a hare – teddy doll these are completely different creatures. Initially, the name appeared intuitively. The common skin and the "mother's hand" laid the kin relations of souls.

103.00 USD
Veronika is the most kind bear who loves children. By the way, she is the namesake of my youngest daughter. Veronica has very long ears, their size is 29 centimeters. This is even more than the length of her body. She is sewn from a fabric minishtof. Her eyes are German shoe buttons. Inside, she has a sintepuh and weighting agent.

Teddy hare Pitsy
75.00 USD
By Diana Verevkina. 4.7 Inches (12 cm) standing. She is made of qualitative viscose Italy (pink). Stuffed with swansdown and glass granulate. Tonned by oil paints. 5-way disk jointed.

Bunny - the keeper of the pink clock
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
105.00 USD
Micro-hare from viscose hand-colored 7.5 cm sitting rostrum. Height with feet 11cm. Paws and head rotate. Paunch stuffed freely. Nice, heavy. Lives in hours. Clock 13cm with handle.

Mia, bunny teddy-doll
Galina Khalikova
150.00 USD
Here is a bunny teddy-doll Mia. She is a very cute creature with gentle eyes; Mia will be looking at you with all her loyalty and kindness. Her head, feet and hands are sculptured from ‘creative paperclay’. All my works are one of a kind and exclusive. The girl is completely made by hand. Mia’s ears and body are sewn from Italian viscose 9 mm;

Little Bubbles
83.00 USD
The bunny is sewn completely by hand on my pattern of delicate plush, padding of sintuh and steel granules, 10 cotter pins, arm and ears reinforced, heels of genuine leather.

Olivia Hare
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
120.35 USD
​Olivia is made from brown cashmere fabric. Her paw pads and inner ears are made from pink linen. Her face, paw pads and ears have been shaded with subtle colouring. She is wearing a dress made from rose pink self-print cotton fabric edged with cream cotton lace. She has silk ribbon bows beads on her head.

Vorobyova Irina & Ermakova Anastasya
170.00 USD
Lukerya little Bunny. Growth 16.5 cm in height. Materials:German viscose, black glass eyes5 cotter pins, sawdustgranulate, Lukerya is dressed in pantaloons, dress , bonnet and apron. The apron is decorated with cotton lace and embroidered with beads. The dress is made of delicate fabric of soft pink color. Bonnet tied with a ribbon on the bow. Bunny is made in vintage style!!!

Bunny Letasha
118.00 USD
Bunny Letasha 3.94 inches (10 cm) Pink Happiness. Filling with sawdust and metal granulate Glass eyes (Germany) Hat and scarf removed ___ Photo taken in the forest during a snowfall. White crumbs on a rabbit are small snowflakes ___ Not suitable for small children small details All bears are sewn in a house where there is no smoke. Delivery takes 6-20 days (depending on the country and customs).

Favorite Bears
290.00 USD
LUIGI.. Exquisite, beautiful, romantic... gentle..

Little hare "Snezha"
Aleksandra Nelina
100.00 USD
Little hare "Snezha" is 15 centimeters height. Materials that were used: viscose, sawdust, metallic weighing material. it has German eyes.

Moshkina Elena
150.00 USD
Lucy. Bunny sewn from German viscose, hand-painted, silk clothing, embroidered with beads. Growth of the hare 9 si without usta ears, with ears 12 cm. The price is for one hare!

Just pink bunny
53.81 USD
Suddenly a hare appeared among the bears. Pink such with white cheeks and very curious. He does not understand why there are only bears around, but he somehow does not look like them: neither by paws, nor by the body, nor by the ears. I had to explain for a long time that it is special and unique).

240.00 USD
Vera is a small pink bunny 15 cm tall in very soft silk dress with decor. All clothes are removable.

Teddy Bunny Lilac
85.00 USD
MADE TO ORDER (85$)! Possible duplicate, an exact copy is impossible! Term of production depends on the availability of material. Contact me convenient way for you to discuss the details of the order (production time, changes, etc.). Lovely baby, give his warmth and love to a faithful friend! Gentle and cute like a little forest flower. Bunny sewn from vintage plus manual dyeing. Stuffed with sawdust.

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