115.79 USD
I am pleased to introduce Rufus a distinctive bear with bent legs, elongated body and neck and a long nose that just makes you smile when you see all the different poses he can get into. He is approximately 18 inches (48cm) tall measured from the head to the foot pad. Rufus is made from ratinee teased Steiff-Schulte German mohair in a gold with brown tipped colour.

Old friend
Irina Vasileva
80.00 USD
Handmade item from mohair (Germany) Filled with with high-quality fragrant wooden sawdust He has glass eyes Head and paws are fixed with cotter pins and are flexible

55.00 USD
Jasmin loves to drink tea with biscuits and look at the stars. Dressed in a hat with hare ears and a short dress

135.00 USD
Bear only 22 centimeters tall, skin-vintage plush, hand-painted, heels and ears — suede, eyes — glass vintage beads, belly rustling wood wool, juniper sawdust and mineral granulate. Splintage mount, reinforced legs. Author's pattern.

Steampunk bear Mitchell
243.29 USD
Noble bear looks like he has come to us from the pages of some steampunk book, from the epoch of steam-powered machinery, fashion of Victorian England and urbanistic entourage. Classical teddy-bear pattern, forms and proportions emphasize style and character of true gentleman. 27 cm tall. Materials: German mohair, sawdust and mineral granules inside boot`s button and little bell – as eyes, 5 joints pastel tinted, strongly aged.

Jean-Paul the Mole
Teddies by Anna Miretska
175.00 USD
starts right now! 20% discount on all teddies. Price of work 219 $, with a 20% discount 175$. Jean-Paul the Mole from the project 'Dreamers from roofs' . His dream is to build a ten-storey with no windows and to learn making marmalade. Jean-Paul is the only of its kind. I sewed Jean-Paul of vintage plush (painted by hand) and of Italian viscose. I stuffed his with sawdust, added glass beads, used glass eyes.

Teddy friends by Evgeniya Sidorenko
179.00 USD
Teddy bear Jessieis made of nice German viscose.

Teddy bear Dusty
Bears by Nadejda Mohova
100.27 USD
Mishka Dusty is sewn from viscose Schulte Viscose is colored by me. The color leaves more in the dusty brown The head-pens-feet are mobile, fastened on t-pins The teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust, wood wool and mineral granulate Head is stuffed tightly, paws are softer.

Old Bear
Old Bear
50.00 USD
Old bear sewn from old plush times of the USSR. Guide. Sawdust, granulate, cotter pins and disks. Primitive embroidery belly. Old and holes sewn up. Ribbon and a bell decorated in vintage.

Bears by Olga_Neprel
39.00 USD
Vintage.John racoon.Made of plush.Eyes and spout ,plastic,genuine leather. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed.

Demicheva Svetlana
80.00 USD
Handmade bear by Svetlana Demicheva, OOAK Fabric: viscose (Germany) Eyes: glass Filling: filings wood and granulate Head/ legs: pins, move Nose/ mouth: use cotton stitching Support is needed

Sea Bear
Elena Gorovneva
100.00 USD
Material: German viscose Eye: Glass Filler: Wood chips, metal granulate Mounting: 5 way discs /cotter pins joint Toning: Oil paints Care: Dry clean and Love

The sea doesn’t let me go
Teddy Bears by Zhanna Zimokosova
218.98 USD
Sewn in the style of "torture" of high-quality German mohair, hand-colored. Filled with wood wool, sawdust and mineral granules. Average stuffing. 5 pins. Glass eyes. Tinted with oil paints.

Bear Potap
My Michelle
54.00 USD
Bear Potap is made of soft viscose, filled with cedar sawdust and glass granulate (as the weighting agent). Hands on the cotter pin turns, are mobile.

Moshkina Elena
300.00 USD
Ariana. Bear made from viscose Italy-France, painted by hand. Cotton clothes, silk flowers. Height Bears 17 cm.

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