Musical bear Zhostov
Fairy House Olesya Averina
130.00 USD
Hello, today a new, very unusual and beautiful musical bear from the series "Belly with a picture" Very gentle, interesting and with blue eyes. His name is Zhostov, since on his stomach there is an image with elements of Zhostovo painting. The color layer is very rare. It is made of an ancient, strong silk plush with manual contrast. The bear has a beautiful picture on his stomach.

120.00 USD
Reddy circus actor. He is some strange but very kind. Loves children. He made from vintage fabriс soviet plush (traditional cloth for teddy-bears).

My bear Treasures
109.00 USD
Today I will introduce you a new bear, the girl Molly. It is sewed in retro style. The baby girl is made of German mohair. The eyes are glassy. The nose is modelled of polymer clay. It is covered with varnish and toned with pastel. The bear is filled with synthetic fibre, glass and mineral granulate to give it a pleasant weight.

200.00 USD
Dressed in a dress in the style of the 20s of the 20th century. Lyalya is made of vintage plush and knitwear. Head on double pins, arms dangling, legs bent at the knees. The dress is made of viscose, embroidered with Czech beads. Dress is off. Under the dress a Fox trousers from Batista. Knickers can be removed. The Cloche hat is made of felt. Hat's off.

Olga Kovalchuk
145.00 USD
This wonderful bear is sewn from plush, it is filled with coniferous granules. The head and legs can move 360 ​​°. The eyes are made of crystal, Germany. The bear wears a vest, a scarf and a stylish cap. Fransua and his clothes are delicately aged. He can stand and sit. The original work of the artist OOAK, performed by Olga Kovalchuk.

Olena Ostapuk
125.00 USD
Her name is Emma. The tail is made of vintage plush. eyes glass. toning oil paints and pastels. 5 cotter pins. filled with sawdust.

Svetlana Gavrilova
170.00 USD
Hello! This is my new little fox! he fox was sewn from Italian viscose. Clothes made of cotton, tinted and aged. The growth of the fox is 12 cm.

Teddy $ Bunny - Betty. Teddi bear Mark
Cool Bears By NataliyaMikha
230.00 USD
The sweetest little thing, gentle little. Head and handle moulded from clay Living doll. Painted with dry pastel and oil paints. Fixed lacquer finish. The body is sewn from vintage plush. Tightly Packed with sawdust and weighted with glass granulate. Glass eyes. Splintage connection. Dress and headpiece is sewn from antique fabric and lace. Growth sitting 15 cm.

zuzu_teddy by Elena Zubrylava
125.00 USD
Glasha is a little gentle girl. It's made of German viscose, inside sawdust and sea pebbles. Glasha has glass eyes and embroidered nose. The toy is tinted with oil paints. It's fully jointed and can move its arms, feet and head. Dress is sewn from cotton, removable. Sometimes Glasha wears a hedgehog hat. Glasha doesn't stand, but likes to sit and to be held in hands. Standing approx 10.7 inches.

OOAK TEDDY BEAR Aviator Antoine by Ilona Fralova
Bears with FrаLOVE
120.00 USD
Antoine is an aviator. He traveled a lot and met beautiful people. He decided to take notes on this. Materials: German viscose hand-stained caramel color ,leather, feathers, sawdust.

Teddy Bears and Friends Oksana Gaidai
62.00 USD
My new elephant Mia! He is 17cm tall.Mia is made of viscose.

Little pink rebbit
Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
100.00 USD
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials. I use vintage plush, Italian and German viscose, and mohair for the exterior, and natural materials such as cotton and silk for the outfits. The bears are stuffed mainly with sawdust and some mineral or metal beads to add weight.

Teddy Bear "Margo"
Teddy whith love
27.00 USD
It is sewn from a velor brown, smeared with oil paints, stuffed with a syntypus.

Teddy by Olga Prokudina
95.00 USD
Paul is made of viscose Schulte, cotton and silk. Inside sawdust. weight 103 gr. I tinted it with artistic pastel.

bears by Eugenia Kashina _ evgallery
250.00 USD
Martha is OOAK dressed bear, made from a vintage plush of the USSR, stuffed with sawdust and steel granulate.

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