220.00 USD
33 centimetres (13''). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made little bear named Barnie as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Barnie is small cuddle bear with a cute look. He loves to caress with like minded friends. He is happy minded boy looking forward to his new family.

Cat Bart
99.00 USD
Hello, dear Friends!

The dog of St. Bernard "Barry"
By Anna Petinati
430.00 USD
Bernard is called Barry. It is made of German fur. Eyes are glass and painted by hand nose, claws and pads are made by hand from plastics. Has a cotter pin, as well as a skeleton in the body and legs, which allows the puppy to actively move. And take any poses. Barry is very pleasant fluffy and very pleasant to touch.

180.00 USD
Bear is sewn from vintage fur, close to natural. On the skeleton. Fully mobile. Eyes glass. Polymer clay nose and claws. Sitting 23 cm.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
350.00 USD
This Maine Coon cat can be yours, his name is Barmaley, despite for frightfulness, he has a peace-loving character and will give a lot of tenderness and love. Barmaley is still a kitten and has a size of about 36 cm without a tail. Created from thick, fluffy, two-tone, German fur, paw pads and ears of artificial suede.

128.00 USD
Teddy Bara is a schoolgirl. He does well in class ....

Vika Sliva
85.00 USD
Hello dear friends and collectors. I want to introduce you to a new boy. His name is Barry.

76.00 USD
Work on the Lion is fully completed! Finally I can exhale! Uff, such a puzzle. The lion's head consists of 13 parts! and 3 types of fur are used: original German viscose, Alpaca and mohair! I'm not ready to repeat this any time soon, it makes it even more unique because it's"one of a kind".

Bären von Irina Stel
152.13 USD
Dieser Bär ist in Februar 2019 in Deutschland geboren ( Stadt Hamburg).Er ist 37 cm groß,schwer.

540.00 USD
Giovanni Realistic Baribal Bear. Completed by the master class of Veronica Heck. The pattern is designed by Veronica Heck, the design is mine. Collectible toy created by an exact copy of this baribal. Giovanni is a very playful and friendly bear cub. Made from high quality Tissavel fur. Completely on the skeleton, Lockline is very mobile, can stand on four legs, sit, lie down.

140.00 USD
Toy bear named Barry.

The workshop of Businka
300.00 USD
Let me introduce you the cute kitten by name Barto! Don't get surprised by the name, I have given him this one in honour of one of known to mankind planet. By the way, you may check it out, the number of the small planet 2279. So, behind the romantic name is the short description: Faux fur (ve-e-ery soft), special skeleton.

Barbara (Basia)
60.00 USD
Barbara (Basia)

Barney is a pilot.
Ann Teddys
250.38 USD
Barney is a pilot. Material: German fur Schulte, sawdust, glass eyes, heavy granules, 5 mounting disks. Soft mohair scarf. Pilot's cap with glasses removed

Teddy's friends
170.00 USD
Bear Barney height 27 cm (10.63 inch) , made of mohair, filled with sawdust and glass granulate. Glass eyes. Decorated with a ribbon and a tambourine. Does not contain metal granules.