Custom Order Jointed Bear/Animal
Cutest Arts
90.00 USD
Custom Order Commission for a One of a Kind Jointed Bears/Animals (For Lower Shipping, Please Contact me). Measurements are normally around 1.5 inches, if you want smaller or a little bigger, please let me know. Jointed bears, bunnies, elephants and lost more. Let me know what your looking for and and the size, i will be happy to make it for you.

Teddy bear boy
284.00 USD
Teddy bear boy, who writes poems about sea voyage. It's an artist stuffed soft toy of the collection Provence which I created inspired by French country style. Bear is executed in vintage style, thoughtful and cute. He will be a beautiful and custom gift for a boy or man who dreams about the sea. Bear is available and looking for a new home.

Mick Teddy Bear
Kumana Arts
75.00 USD
Mick Teddy Bear is made of hand painted blue vintage plush, Mini Stoff German fabric on paws, German matted black glass eyes; stuffed with sawdust, sheep wool, metal shot for the weight. He can't stand, stands with support. This boy can move his hands, legs and head as he has traditional five disks and cotter pin joints.

bear Makar
Svetlana Goncharova Handmade Toys
110.00 USD
Bear Makar is sewn from the old plush of special processing.

Bunny Sue
290.00 USD
11.8 inches (30 centimeters). l'm glad to introduce you to this Bunny Sue) Lively and playful, loves to sit on the handles. Made of high quality plush, very soft and pleasant. Eyes of glass. He's stuffed with fiber fill and metal pellets to give her good weight All the joints mobile, the head of the cotter pin with a double, swinging. Completely handmade. Will be your friend.

Plush Forest Bears
170.36 USD
Introducing Benjamin new old friend. Year, origin 2017, Ulm. Collection Individual. Height 26cm. Weight 588g. Materials Antique mohair. Feet bottom Jacquard. Ears Jacquard. Finishing Oil, artificially aged. Filling Sawdust, steel granulate. Eyes Glass, bead. Nose Embroidered. Joints 4 screws, head splints double joint. Self-standing. Pattern Classic. Bear has aroma with notes patchouli and almonds, custom authored by perfumers. One of a kind. Hand made. Collectible item.

Teddy Bears Custom Toys by Anastasiia Denysova
120.00 USD
My new Teddy's Friend amazing Giraffe Mason. He made of viscose, sawdust, granulate, oiled. "Please check shipping costs abroad"

Hattie the Kitty Waitress
MaxiLynn Bears
198.18 USD
Hattie works in a posh tea rooms where you have to book months in advance to acquire a table. She is extremely good at her job but can often be found slobbering when she smells the customers’ food being cooked. Then she has to be really good at her job because she has to get the food to the tables without licking it.

Stuffed monster toy
Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
120.00 USD
A wonderful gift for you and your friends ! Lo A very kind little Monster Is looking for a new family. Maybe he waits for you? 4,7",12 cm. USED MATERIALS: German mohair EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 4-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Inside the artificial balls and granulate. Monster tinted artistic pastel . The vintage teddy Monster is made in the single copy! Packaged in a gift box.

Mint bear
Fairy House Olesya Averina
132.00 USD
Today for you is a very beautiful bear of unusual color. His fur coat is mint-colored, that's why he's called mint-bear. Such nowhere else you will not meet It is sewn from silky, very dense and fluffy fur. Glass eyes, nose plastic. We are safe. Artistic tinted with oil and pastel. The head, arms and legs are mobile. Ears and heels are cotton.

English bulldog dog Pet portrait Memorial Pet Custom OOAK Portrait Teddy dog Artist Teddy bear Stuffed animal Christmas gift for her
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
450.00 USD
Our pets are more than just animals! English Bulldog was made to order. See the last photo. I accept custom orders on repetition this item or create a new on your pet's photos. Now I have a list for 2 months in advance.

MaineCoon portrait cat
364.84 USD
Mainecoon OOAK Artist Teddy Kitten 9 inch (23cm) 9" tall (23cm) I've been creating pet portraits since 2008. Often this is very nice when the toy remains as a memorable gift after the pet leaves us... It was a special custom order... Maine Coon cat, so sweet & cute, with yellow eyes.

the Yellow Narcissus
Tectum naguarum
60.00 USD
Once again I am convinced that there is no ugly color, there are simply unsuccessful tones. I love yellow, but not everyone tone of the yellow. This little bear is sewn from the yellow narcissus tone I love. The Bear is 6 inches (15 cm) standing tall. Made fully by hands from Vintage plush, vintage velvet and cotton fabric. 5 teddy joints paws and head can move.

280.00 USD
Bernhard 40-cm naturalistic plush teddy bear with flexible arms and legs. The bear can bend his arms and legs in elbows and knees and also he can move his feet, as well as bend his spine, and therefore he can take a lot of various poses. So he can do yoga, simple sitting, sitting or lying with his legs crossed and many other things.

Bear Bumbie
109.00 USD
Little Bumbie Bear Height of growth of 3.54 inches (9 cm), * Made of the softest fur Glass eyes Germany, * The nose is made of clay. Filler wool staple and metal granulate, * Not suitable for small children small details Leather boots (artificial leather), * Clothes cotton, knitwear Clothes are removed, * All bears are sewn in a house where there is no smoke. Happy mood and pleasant shopping With love to you Natasha.