79.00 USD
Miniature unicorn Eli Wings are removable. Materials: fabric for miniature, sassy long pile ministoff, german glass eyes disks and joints, fiber filler polymer clay FIMO, acryl lacquer - pastel

Kicheva Natalia
60.00 USD
The unicorn is a legendary creature from ancient times was described as a beast with one large, sharp, spiral horn protruding from his forehead. The unicorn was depicted in the ancient seals of the Indus valley civilization and mentioned by the ancient Greeks in texts about natural history by various writers. The Bible also describes an animal, re'em (Heb. "fierce beast"), which some identify with the unicorn.

Fantasy Unicorn Kissy
209.00 USD
Fantasy Unicorn Kissy Sitting position 15 cm (total height including tail length 30 cm) Each seam is made by hand. Inside the dragon a skeleton and a skeleton of wire, metal granules, sintepuh Clay face and feet Beautiful glass eyes The tape from the neck can be removed. This fantastic unicorn will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your friend.

Unicorn Amethyst
115.00 USD
Unicorn Amethyst .

Teddy J Bears
145.12 USD
Addison is a unicorn teddy bear she is made from pure white long hair fine mohair fur. Addison has german glass beaded eyes and have softly shaded. Her nose is hand stitched and her face has been scissor sculpted. She is firmly stuffed with poly fiber and is weighted in her hands, feet and body.

Teddy the Unicorn.
100.00 USD
Teddy the Unicorn. Made from hand-painted Italian viscose. Height 12 cm Fully mobile. Hand embroidery, decorated with micro beads. Eyes German glass. Goat hair Teddy is complete with a frame, which is attached with a magnet. In the body of a unicorn there is a mat for good luck! Can be removed from the frame, play and hang back into place. Filled with warmth, cedar sawdust and river pebbles. .

'Rainbeau Dazzle'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
225.49 USD
Thank you for stopping by to meet 'Rainbeau Dazzle' She's so pretty & colourful with her Unicorn print feet and rainbow tutu style skirt, ready to add some fun to your collection. She measures approx 11.5" tall when she is standing and 7" when sitting. She has been created from: Medium pile wavy hand dyed rainbow mohair and Unicorn printed cotton fabric for her paw pads which has been backed / lined.

Anna Martynenko
150.00 USD
Unicorn from the new collection. In a fairy-tale forest, live the unicorns. They're magical creatures.

Unicorn Mio
100.00 USD
Please meet my new OOAK teddy unicorn Mio! He is 13 cm tall. Mio is made of soft viscose and long pile mohair, he is fully cotter pin jointed, has hand painted blue glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. Mio is stuffed with polyfill and weighted with glass beads. His face have been shaded with permanent markers. He is designed and created by my own patterns.

Fairy Freesia
OZ Olga Zharkova
157.00 USD
Fairy Freesia. Sewn from vintage plush, hand-dyeing. Filled with sawdust. Weighted with sand. Has movable limbs.

Brooch Pinky
Teddy Trendy Bears
18.43 USD
The brooch is 8 cm (with hair), made from viscose, has plastic eyes, soft poly fill inside. How to wear?

Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
109.43 USD
andmade hand stitched OOAK Unicorn horse approx 22cm. She is made from high quality German viscose fur and filled with fibre filling. Traditional cotter pin jointed head and limbs. She is created. from my own design pattern with her own unique personality.

Jellyfish Handmade
90.00 USD
This is cute little unicorn, made completely by hand. Size: It is 12 cm ( 4.7" inches) sitting and 15 cm (5.9") standing., All connections are moving. It has rotating head and movable legs.Materials: This unicorn is made from US antique rayon. It is filled with fiberfill and glass granulate, glass eyes. It wears synthetic tress hair, natural agate pendant, silk scarf., Shading is made with pastel.

Teddy Unicorn Tosha
Olena Koretska
130.00 USD
Teddy Unicorn will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!. Unicorn made of mohair and viscose, filled with sheep wool and mineral granules. 5 cotter pins. Glass eyes. The horn polymer clay, handmade. Height 15cm The unicorn will come to a new house with his pillow. Teddy unicorn Tosha is my original design, OOAK.

Miniature Unicorn Liya
92.00 USD
The hand-unicorn Liya is about 4.5 inches tall (11.5 cm) tall. It is made of viscose and artificial fur. Filling synthetic fibers and metal beads. Body stuffing is soft. Crushing of the upper paws and the head is movable. Lower paws are connected with the body. Glass eyes. Decoration The rose on the head is not removed.