Little Sailor, plush duck, 5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
95.00 USD
Little yellow duckling named Little Sailor loves to bask and sunbathe in the spring sunshine and bravely swim in the nearest puddle! Tis duckling tis a little dream about a sunny summer days, about the fresh spring breeze and warm sun... The duckling is made of vintage plush color of sun, amazingly soft and fluffy. Glass eyes, hand-painted with acrylic paints. Eyelids, beak and legs are plastic,handmade.

Alexsandra Astahova
192.00 USD
The author's collection animalistic art toy is made in the technique of teddy doll for home decor or a gift. Charming companion dreamer Roni from my doubles collection. Sophie's unearthly stranger attracts a look with a slightly awkward but flirtatious charisma. Every man should have a lady of heart for which he is ready to do crazy things.

Golden Elm Bears
182.52 USD
Hello, I am Appie the bear. Appie is 45 centimeter tall standing and 37 centimeter tall sitting. He is made of brown mohair and filled with fiberfill and plastic pellets. His face is needlefelted with merino wool and hand shaded. He has german glass eyes. Appie is 5 way jointed with nuts and bolts in his legs and cotterpins in his neck and arms. His feet are needlesculpted.

Bearmore Bears
108.07 USD
Duchess is made from a beautiful brown viscose, she has baked and varnished clay feet and beak. Duchess is 5 way jointed and steel disc weighted. Her eyes are a beautiful hand painted mulberry glass and complimented by lush lashes. She wears her handmade raffia Hat with sunflower embellishment. Duchess wears her double ribbon in yellow and brown. She comes with her handmade nest and quilted fabric egg.

Duck plush Size 5.5inces Yellow duck teddy
72.00 USD
The Little Duckling, dreaming of the sea and travels growing 12 cm (5.5 inches), is made of a thin plush, independently sits and stands (mount on a disk). The hat and tie are not removed. The soft toy is filled with hollofayber . The stomach is filled with granulated metal to add a pleasant weight. the boat and flags will come along with the duck.

140.00 USD
Work on the order (exact repetition is impossible) Production time: 5 days in order of turn. The duckling, 17cm tall, was sewn by hand from a German plush. Head, wings and paws movable on cotter pins. Packing sintepuh, weighted with glass granulate. Klyuvik filing, the sole of the feet of the mini-stuf. Toning with artistic oil. Pattern N. Mankovskaya.

Little Duck in a little dress
146.05 USD
Baby sewn on the author's pattern from german plush and minishtoff, filled with warmth, good mood, holofayber and a bit of sawdust. Belly weighted with glass granulate. Head, legs and wings are movable (cotter fixing), wings are reinforced, bending. Eyes are made from german glass. Beak and eyelids are felted from wool, toning dry art pastel. Dress are sewn from cotton, removable.

Prim the Duckling
MaxiLynn Bears
164.05 USD
Prim is a little duckling who was born late in the year without brothers or sisters. Her mumma was so surprised at her arrival that she left poor Prim alone. Before she left Prim’s mum dressed her in a nappy & left her a blanket to keep warm. Prim needs a new mumma to look after her now.

Kiddy bear the sailor with a duck toy
160.00 USD
Kiddy bear the sailor with a duck toy sewn from a special wool for miniatures. Head and paws on joints, paws embroidered thread & made from real leather. Upper paws can bend. Glass eyes. The nose & claws are made from baked plastic fimo. Bear stuffed with mineral granulate & silicone. Toning by pastels & oil paints. Тhe cap is made of a newspaper All clothes and accessories can be removed!

164.29 USD
Duck Marta, hand sewn from Schulte Alpaka, app 20 high from head to tow/ 14cm long. Black glass eyes.

Daffy duck
SimBel Bears
100.00 USD
Daffy is duck 18 cm tall when standing.She is made from german cotton pile.

Baby duck Zoe
110.00 USD
The duck is made by the author's pattern.

Pippa Duck
Furry Happiness
165.00 USD
Sewn from German plush. 3 cotter pins. (Head and paws) The wings are sewn to the body, motionless. The beak and legs are made of Fimo.

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