About Tedsby

Tedsby is an online marketplace with over 900 teddy bear artists where Teddy bear's fans can sell and buy bears and other hand-made creatures made in accordance with classical teddy techniques.

We help teddy artists create their own shop and sell their works online. Tedsby does not process payments so when you purchase a teddy on Tedsby, payment is made directly to the PayPal account of the artist. 
After two years of being free of charge, starting November 5, 2019 Tedsby will maintain a fee for sellers. Please see all the details in our blog.

Our website is open to changes and new functions will be added in the near future. We tried to make it as simple as possible and  we plan to keep it this way as website grows. Subscribe to Tedsby Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and follow Tedsby on Instagram.

Tedsby data server is located in London. We specifically chose this location first to protect user information (from a legal point of view), secondly, this server location gives good speed to visitors from around the world. 

Tedsby is made and supported by a team of two people, and we would much appreciate your help. Our goal is to provide the community of teddy artists and collectors with a marketplace for comfortable and safe transactions, to inspire and be inspired, to discover new artists and to share the world of teddies with more people.