How to help the project

Why do we ask for help?

There are only two of us currently working on a Tedsby project and we want to make Tedsby the best website for collectors and artists of teddy bears in the world. We are working hard to make Tedsby user-friendly, reliable and safe marketplace for our community, but we need your assistance in promoting it. Here is a few ideas how you can help us and we will greatly appreciate your input. 

Tell us about your shop and about Tedsby

  •  Tell your previous buyers that your new works can now be found on Tedsby

  •  Spread the news about your Tedsby's shop on your Facebook page

  •  Share your new work in social networks, using the buttons on item page

  •  Put a link to your shop on Tedsby on your website. The more links will lead to your shop, the more popular your store will be considered by search engines and the more people will come to your shop from the search.

  •  Add the address of your Tedsby shop to your certificates.

Fill up your shop

  • Add earlier made creations to your shop. It's not just a shop, it's your portfolio.

  • Exhibit your work on Tedsby first, and then on other sites. This will attract more collectors to your shop and in general to the site

  • Fill out information about yourself, terms of delivery and payment. The buyer wants to know from whom he buys and ensured in a safe transaction.

  • Make your shop beautiful! Add a banner to the top of your shop, and a userpic of the shop.

Stay in touch

  • If something does not work as expected, use the form in the lower right corner of the screen and write to us.

  • If you have ideas how to make Tedsby better, we will have a separate section for feedback.

  • Subscribe to our Facebook page - and Instagram - and stay up to date with the news!