Tedsby team


Hello! My name is Irine, 15 years ago I left my job as a programmer and since then I live in the world of teddy bears :)
It's wonderful here! What was just a hobby turned into the work of my life, into a unique combination of creativity and business.
For many years I participate in exhibitions, sell my bears at all known online venues, I use all the modern ways to present my works to the world. And all this time my “inner programmer” notices what and where might be done better, how to make a website more user-friendly, how to improve communication between collectors and artists and hundreds of other things.

Therefore Tedsby for me, is a favorite carefully thought-out place, in which every detail is in its place. The knowledge of the teddy community helped us to make the website, looking with the eyes of a collectors and a artists.

Here at Tedsby I am responsible for making your life as a member of the community easier: communication with members of the community, soling difficulties, answering questions. Marketing and promotion are also on me. My task is to make Tedsby a place where people unknown to the world of teddy bears will fall in love with them and turn into collectors or new authors, where you can learn, discuss the latest teddy news, virtually look into the authors' studios, and, of course, to find new creations to adopt and to exhibit your new works.


My name is Alexander, I'm the one who makes the gears of Tedsby turn.
For the last 10 years I have been working on creating highly specialized site management systems and company management solutions. And for the last 15 years I admire the teddy bear community looking at it over Irine’s shoulder. (I even know some names and I can tell some authors by style :) 

When I asked myself why I started this project, I came to two words - interest and care.
Interest is what moves me through life. Making Tedsby the best site on the internet dedicated to teddy bears, not using a big corporate machine but the magic powers of just two people (and one cat) is a challenge and it's very, very interesting. (And I’m totally sure we can do it). 

The second word was “care”. I like to make people's lives better and easier. I love to grow a project carefully from a grain of idea into a beautiful fruitful tree. For me, Tedesby is a long-awaited project for which I postponed all other work for 9 months. Postponed, because I understand that to create Tedsby I would like it to see, you should devote 100% of the time to the project. That's why besides the programming my plan is also full of words like "payback period", "context-ad effectiveness" and "community engagement".

Here at Tedsby I am responsible for programming, interface, stable operation of the site and the strategic vision.
My responsibilities are to ensure a steady growth of the project, security and stability of the site, increasing members’ sales through the use of technical and marketing tools.