The dog of St. Bernard "Barry"
By Anna Petinati
Bernard is called Barry. It is made of German fur. Eyes are glass and painted by hand nose, claws and pads are made by hand from plastics. Has a cotter pin, as well as a skeleton in the body and legs, which allows the puppy to actively move. And take any poses. Barry is very pleasant fluffy and very pleasant to touch.

Puppy Cocker Spaniel. Stuffed.scarecrow. Animals and Plushies. Dogs.
Description Completely handmade. , Solid parts are made of polymer clay. Fully Posable. Wire skeleton., Made from high quality Faux Fur. Size: 13,4 inches (34cm).at the withers. Purchases are sent through the Russian Post. After departure, I will give you a tracking number. Approximate dates of 1-8 weeks (varies by country). I will gladly accept payment PayPal. I am always ready to answer your questions.

Pomeranian white spitz handmade Stuffed dog collectible toy OOAK teddy dog spitz
I am a small, white puppy Pomeranian. My size is 26 cm. = 10.2 inches Puppy made of faux fur. The head, body and legs are connected with a plastic frame Lockline.Thank the skeleton, puppy, fully mobile, can take any posture (can sit, stand, lie down, tilt her head). Tail and ears are reinforced and may bend., Eyes from glass of handwork.

Sam or Samuel
Galina Khalikova
A dog is the best friend of a person. He's always here to support us, listen to us and love us. Sam is a very clever and kind dog with childish eyes. I'm sure that Sam will become a great present for you, your friend, your loving, etc. He's of 16,5 cm, sewn from German viscose, painted by hand, and filled with softwood.

Dachshund Snip
Teddy dachshund, made from a vintage plush of two colors, 9.8 inches (25 centimeters). Completely manual work. The dachshund is densely packed with sawdust, weighted with metal granulate. Glass eyes (Germany). 5-pin fastening. Stands and sits well without support. It is tinted with pastel. Clothing and headgear made of cotton and genuine leather, collar mink fur.Clothing and headwear are removed. Snip dachshund-hunter. Snip is a hunter-dandy.

Puppy Sindy made with: Made of Faux Fur, wireframe of copper wire making puppy mobile. Head, back, paws bent. Can sit, stand , lie down, takes various poses.

Puppy Pim
Svetik Studio
Puppy Pim is a very funny, friendly and playful little dog. He is waiting for someone to play ball with him, and always looks at you with affection, his head tilted to the side. Pim is sewn of delicately aged antique ocher plush and filled with fine sawdust. Head is on two cotter pin connection. The eyes are black glass.

Miniature York
Victoria Ivanova
Tiny Yorkie croched of Yarn. Legs are mobile. Filled with wool.

Spitz. Krasavchik Pomeranian
Svetiana Akimova WORKSHOP TOYS
Pomeranian Zephyr puppy is made from high-quality artificial fur Head, paws and body are connected by lockline skeleton. 4 disks of anchorage It has glass eyes. Painted by oil paint. Nose is handcrafted from polymer clay. Puppy height is 24cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail. Fully flexible, filled with polyester fiber and metallic granulate for a good feeling when it’s sitting on your hands.

Elena Ginter
Funny, manual baby, height-18 cm ( excluding tail) , * sewn from German mohair bicolor padding sintepon, for weight added glass granulate , * eyes glass German nose and pads on the legs are made by hand from plastic, painted with acrylic paint and covered with acrylic lacquer , * head and paws padvizhny (discs and splints) ears and tail are reinforced with wire , * for mobility paws reinforced with a plastic skeleton. Attention!!!!

Dog felted from wool on a wire frame. Can change poses. Polymer clay spout. Height to tips of ears 9 cm.

Chikku and Po
SimBel Bears
French bulldog puppy girl Chikku and her bunny Po.

Realistic Poodle - for adoption
This poodle from my new collection "Dogs". The realistic poodle is about 16 inches (40 cm) tall and 17 inches (43 cm) from the nose to the tail. This is fully hand sewing toy made on my original pattern. Video: This white poodle is made of very realistic faux fur.

Olena Ostapuk
Lucy bulldog 9.5 inches standing and 7.8 sitting (24cm and 20cm) made of faux fur, in the middle there is a skeleton, the paws are reinforced on cotter pins.

Honey Marshmallows
Corgi puppy in realistic style. Realistic full size plush toy. Made of faux fur, tinted art paint, white with shades of orange and brown, the paint is fixed. Inside the body is a plastic movable frame that allows you to give the toy a variety of poses. Ears are reinforced with wire. Eyes taxidermy plastic, high quality. Nose- polymer clay. textile pads. Filling combined synthetic aerial and glass granulate.