RUBI a OOAK bear, 19 cm in height , made of german viskoze hand color.

Teddy cat Bafik
Teddy Halloween cat Bafik height 10.24 ih Toy cat is made in a single copy (OOAK), this is the author bear. Teddy cat and pumpkin will be a wonderful gift for Halloween Teddy cat and Halloween pumpkin will come to the new house together, where they hope to get sweets. Height of a toy 10.24 ih Toy cat has black and white coat color.

Teddy Bear OOAK Collection "Spirits of the Forest"
Askarona stuffed collectibles
Approximately 6'' inches tall. Made from Germain mohair, stuffed with polyester, glass eyes from Germany, 5 T-joints. Decorated with glass beads and vintage fabrics.

Very thoughtful and cute baby. Philip loves reading books and walking in the flowering garden, listening to the birds singing. Sewn from artificial sheep wool. All parts of the body are moving with the pins and disks. Inside wood sawdust and sea stones. Eyes are glass. Toning with oil paints and wax. Dry clean only. Made in a single copy on my author's pattern.

GUR the miniature Lion
Seamore Collectbles
"GUR" is a miniature Lion made from soft imported plush.

Materials: papier-mache,viscose, cotton, acrylic, knit, tempera paint, lacquer, sawdust.. Head, paws-papier-mache..5 splint connections, painted with acrylic and tempera.

Bear Hugs Originals
Elsa is made out of a gorgeous long pile, blue/white tipped imported faux fur. She is approximately 24" from head to toe. Elsa's beautiful face has been extensively needle/scissor sculpted and I have given her a big needle felted blue nose. She sees the world through premium black glass eyes with white wool accents and black shading.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
The little Ethel rabbit is made of hand-painted viscose. Seat height 4.33 inches. height 5.71 inches (11 cm, length 14.5 cm). Filled with sawdust and mineral granulate in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, hands and feet splintage mount. Rotate. Clothes are made of cotton. All clothes are removable. Ethel just sits there. One of a kind. Does not contain metal granules.

Gregor Bear Teddy OOAK
Brambly Woodland
Gregor Bear made of mohair (13 mm pile). Stuffed with fiberfill, metal, plastic pellets. Glass eyes, embroidered nose, 5 bolts, metal wire in ears.

White Rabbit
Toy Art by Tina Tita
Ooak White Rabbit sewn from viscose, fully jointed, wood flakes filling, glass eyes, features elegant jacket embroided by hand, umbrella and pocket watch

Astra teddy
Teddy bear Boris is OOAK and was sewed from German viscose Schulte , filled with sawdust and metal granules. Eyes made of beads. Bear size 18 cm ( 7,08 inches). weight 170 grams. The head and paws on the pins are movable. I send my work in a gift box. The parcel is being tracked. The bear can sit alone. Artificially aged. The collar is made of cotton. Completely handmade.

My Pangaea
His standing height on hind legs is 34 cm (13.3 inches), sitting height is 22 cm (8.6 inches), length from a nose to tip of a tail is 47 cm (18.5 inches) . He was created by me on my autor's pattern from the German faux fur. Paw pads and claws are made of polymer clay. Juno has German glass eyes.

Sisters MariAnna
Her height is 31 centimeters (12.2 inches) excluding ears. Her size in a sitting position is 24 centimeters (9.4 inches) excluding ears. This bear is sewn from quality faux fur, filled with synthetic fluff, weighted with metal granulate. She has glass eyes, leather eyelids and mouth. Her nose is made of polymer clay. The head and body are connected by means of a skeleton.

Teddy Bear Patrick with little swan
Alyona Kravchenko
Patrick is vintage style teddy bear boy. He has hand knitted swan on his flank and grate silk bow. He was lovely created of German mohair.

Listening Dwarfs
The Bunny is 8 in (without ears), made of professional german synthetic teddy bear fabric (plush), 6 pins, shaded, stuffed with fiberfill, scissor sculptured face and other artist techniques for making her so real. Paws are reinforced with wire. Clothes of cotton. All clothes can be removed. OOAK. They are NOT WASHABLE. Keep them clean by blowing away any dust with a soft brush or cloth. Birth February 2017 .