Fantastic Bat Gray
Fantastic Bat Gray Fur gray (monitor may distort color) Overall height 11 cm Each seam is made by hand. Head turns Stuffing sintepukh Clay face Black glass eyes This bat will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your friend. All my creations are for adult collectors, not for children (small details).

Stuffed Bat
Meet, it's Darkie, adorable little bat. A vampire, but just a little bit, just for Halloween. He is very kind and friendly, sweet and fluffy. And he's looking for a new home where he will be loved. Bat Darkie entirely by hand sewn from vintage faux plush and flok for mini bears. , * His eyes from glass and polymer clay. 6 cotter pins. Bat Darkie can slightly tilt the head.

Miniature bat Neo Wings are removable Materials: sassy long pile, ministoff fabric for miniature, german glass eyes disks and joints, fiber filler polymer clay FIMO, acryl lacquer - pastel

Baby vampire bat
Empiria Dolls
A small and very naughty baby bat has already grown tiny teeth! He hasn't bitten anyone yet, but he proudly calls himself a Vampire! Made of artificial fur and polymer clay. The head, wings and legs rotate on the pins. Glass eyes (lampwork). Tinted with oil and acrylic paints. Has a silver pendant a leaf of a clover on a silk ribbon. .

Brady's bat
Greetings to a friend!

Halloween Dragon 'Smouldering Embers'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
Thank you for stopping by to meet my First Halloween Dragon from my new pattern "Smouldering Embers" ~ A Halloweeny in June! Designed & handmade by me Rachel Summersby of Wee Beary Tails. He is podgy, scruffy, he has a long tail, ultra suede wings, & a big grin, I hope you like him.

Dear friends, I'm happy to introduce you my new creation-a baby hamster. His name is Darko, he is a totally handsewn artwork made of natural fur. Well I'm using just second life fur: materials from old jackets, scarves and etc. The body of a hamster is with a lock line skeleton and all joins can be moved.

Diablo is a little devilboy made from luxery faux fur