Fantasy Unicorn Kissy
USD 209.00
Fantasy Unicorn Kissy Sitting position 15 cm (total height including tail length 30 cm) Each seam is made by hand. Inside the dragon a skeleton and a skeleton of wire, metal granules, sintepuh Clay face and feet Beautiful glass eyes The tape from the neck can be removed. This fantastic unicorn will be the perfect accessory for your home or a wonderful gift for your friend.

Fantasy bat Orry
USD 92.00
Fantasy bat Orry Made of fur and clay (face, ears, paws) Height 11 cm Each seam is made by hand. Filling metal granules and synthetic fiber Leather wings Pendant with neck can be removed All my creations are for adult collectors, not for children (small details). Delivery takes 6-25 days (depending on the country and customs). From time to time it may take a little longer.

Teddy bear Alex
USD 153.00
Do you have something being passed down through generations? Or can you show children it and tell funny stories of your life? And can you take along it so you feel homy everywhere? So you could put it on the shelf in order for new place to be cozy and magic. And you could hold on this thing when you are sad or lonely.

Natural Bear, Teddy Bear, Forest animal, For nature lovers, Collection Awakening
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
USD 500.00
Collection "Awakening" For those who appreciate spirits and likes to see cute creatures at home. Bear Teddy is sewn on teddy technology with the use of authoring techniques. He can stand on 4 paws, sit. The head of a bear is connected to the body by a skeleton. Paws have a wire inside. The bear was sewn from German artificial fur. Stuffed: sheep wool.

Teddy bear Oliver
USD 145.00
Halloween toys teddy bear Oliver and his pumpkin. Handmade. One of A Kind. It's a collectible stuffed toy. I made this bear inspired by American holiday. Bear is created in vintage style, smiling and cozy. He will be a beautiful and personalized fall's lucky charm for everyone who loves autumn and Halloween. Bear is available and looking for a new home.

Teddy bear boy
USD 175.00
Teddy bear boy, who writes poems about sea voyage. It's an artist stuffed soft toy of the collection Provence which I created inspired by French country style. Bear is executed in vintage style, thoughtful and cute. He will be a beautiful and custom gift for a boy or man who dreams about the sea. Bear is available and looking for a new home.

Polar bear cub
Teddy RusaLena
USD 285.83
Teddy Polar bear cub By RusaLena 8.2 inches (21 centimeters) Terron is a very charming, funny and happy Polar Bear. Look at his satisfied smile! Height cm standing bear 26 and 21 cm sitting. He was not able to stand on its own, he likes to sit around and show everyone his mischievous tongue and claws. It is sewn from white German plush and it weighed glass granulate, 5 pins.

USD 135.00
Little bear was sitting under the leads. He was old, shabby and undusted. Nobody peeped in here only birds built nests. There were cheeps and fuss in the evenings, and birds fly away in the mornings. The bear was looking at the window. He was waiting. Once the girl came in here. She peeked in wardrobe and boxes.

Teddy bear Sherlock Holms
USD 180.00
I want to introduce you to my new bear! He is a real English man with an attractive smile and clever look. Bear is available and looking for a new home. He will arrive with a personal passport. Growth: standing 24 cm (9,45"), sitting 17 cm (6,69") Weight: 7,34 oz (208 g). Materials:. German viscose. Eyes are glass German. Stuffed with sawdust and glass granulate. Fastenings: disks and forelocks (he is fully jointed).

Teddy bear Lev Tolstoy
Svetik Studio
USD 157.27
Teddy bear Lev Tolstoy sewn in the image of the great writer Lev Tolstoy Nikolayevich. There is something bestial in the appearance of this wise and experienced writer. Such an association prompted me to create a bear with a mane and large paws, dressed in a Russian shirt with embroidery. Tolstoy never hid his love and affection for the peasants and dressed as they did.

Little Sessy Bear
USD 87.00
Little Sessy Bear Height 6 cm (total height) Each seam is made by hand. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust and metal granulate Black eyes (German glass) The bear has a hat and a collar (can be removed). Decoration of clothes Japanese beads, silk, velvet, glass beads Please note the price is for one bear. The train is NOT for sale.

Teddy Bear Potap
USD 145.00
Handmade. One of a kind. The bear is sewed from the German viscose. Glass eyes, filled fiberfill. Fastening: 10 disks, 6 forelocks. The head on double fastening, are mobile, bend. The nose and a mouth are embroidered. It is tinted by art oil paints. Growth 18 cm ( 7,08 inch). Sitting 14 cm ( 5,5 inch). Stand with a support, sits surely. The bear has trousers with an embroidery, are tied on a rope.

Teddy bear Gosha
Svetik Studio
USD 172.99
It’s cold outside, snowing, so Teddy bear Gosha dressed warmly and fashionably. After all, many eyes are looking at him and admiring his beautiful style. Everyone says that reds are lucky, what means that luck and success awaits him today. Teddy bear Gosha is made of German viscose of red color, the fur is plucked in some places and painted with art oil.

Teddy bear Efim
Svetik Studio
USD 235.90
Teddy bear Efim recalls the image of the Russian peasant of the late 17th century in beautiful elegant clothes. With a cap on his head and with his favorite balalaika, he walks down the street on Sunday with girls and sings songs. The bear is made of antique white plush, tinted with artistic oil, which makes it vintage. He is stuffed with fine sawdust and wool.

Yeti Bear
USD 123.00
Yeti Bear Height 21 cm (height sitting 14 cm) Made of mohair His head, legs and arms are mobile. The filled sawdust, metal granulate Soft belly Black eyes The bear has a hat and a sweater (can be removed) This teddy bear will be your friend or the perfect accessory for your home and, perhaps, a gift.