Little Prince
OZ Olga Zharkova
The little Prince! It is sewn in classical style.

Gentleman Teddy Bear Red
Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials. I use vintage plush, Italian and German viscose, and mohair for the exterior, and natural materials such as cotton and silk for the outfits. The bears are stuffed mainly with sawdust and some mineral or metal beads to add weight.

Teddy bear James
Best Friends Forever by Maximova Mary
Teddy bear in vintage style.

Vintage style. Sewing from vintage plush and German mohair. Has a combined packing with wood wool, mineral and metallic granules. Has the very dense stuffing, especially heads. A bear is done in complete accordance with all traditional technologies "teddy", has five connections. A spout and claws are embroidered by the high-mercerized cotton, treat a bee beeswax. Heels from light shammies. Eyes glass, Germany productions.

Abbigeyl Vintage style bear
Vintage style bear, one of a series "Finishing school". Abbigeyl. Cute and cozy bear girls will remind you the childhood. When you take them in hands, you`ll feel warmth and tenderness. Such bears can be found somewhere at the wardrobe shelves, packed in big boxes, surrounded with old soft scarf. Bears from this series cannot stand without your help, so they prefer to sit. 24 cm tall.

Vintage teddy elephant Tyopa 13 cm tall was made of vintage velour material and was painted manually and was turned artificially into old style. The structure of the elephant was fixed on 5 forelocks. Eyes are German glass. Inside part of the elephant was filled with sintepukh and natural granulate.This little friend could easily be carried in a handbag and would be a happy companion for you.

Bears by MaGy
Bear Briare is looking for a new home. It is created in vintage style from vintage plush, he had glass eyes. He is fully jointed and has him legs, arms and head movable, stuffed with fiberfill and glass granulate. Briare is artificially aged, tinted artistic pastel. Briare is looking for a home where her will love! Size from head to toe 7,2", size in the sitting position 5,5".

Bunny toy
The toy is sewn in vintage style. The rabbit has one eye cup, one eye embroidered old style. The rabbit is made of viscose, filled with sawdust. Clothing made of cotton. Rabbit, stitched in a single copy, can not be repeated. All the toys in my store are made from high-quality professional materials designed specifically for making toys in the style of Teddy.

Bunny the drummer
Author's pattern! 18cm from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, not including the ears. This is a teddy bunny. He is made in a vintage style and heavily aged. The drum is a handmade item. His collar from silk. The teddy bunny has three cotter pins and can only stand.

Bear Rhymes
Bear a Rhymes are happy to present little bear girl, Annabel! She is a completel6 handmade little bear, she is sewn from vintage style German mohair, Traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool and steel shot for her chunky weight. Annabel has black glass eyes, embroidered nose, lightly shaded face. Annabel is wearing a vintage style dress. The Bear is looking for a new loving home!

Cocoa and Stepa
Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
Set of artist teddy bears Stepashka and Cocoa. One of a kind teddy bears and 100% handmade. You can put them into your bag or you can take them in the travel and your friend always be with you The bears and clothes are sewn in vintage style and colored with oil paints and coffee. Sawdust in the tummy and metal granules to create live weight.

Pink teddy bear in a dress
AlinaBears vintage style
Pink teddy bear in a dress. I would like the name of this girl bear come up with her owners themselve. 14 inches (36 centimeters). Antiquarian plush, sawdust. 5 movable joints. OOAK. Clothes are removed! A tribute to all things old school, these vintage style teddy bears perfectly capture the spirit of the “good old days”, when clothes were funky, movies were black and white, and times were simple.

Kledi-Bears by Edith Lodes-Nowotny
Please meet Fido a Classic Bear by Kledi-Baeren. The little sweetie is made of a lovely german mohair in vintage style. fully jointed, filled with fiberfil and some steel pallets for a little bit extra weight matt black german glass eyes from Lauscha, stiched and waxed nose. Color accents give Fido an unique character and his own lovely personality in vintage style. .

Easter bunny Etienne
Lord Bears
Easter Bunny Etienne.

Chihuahua puppy
Little Chihuahua puppy in a vintage style. A worn vest and an old butterfly create a single style for vintage. The toy is not intended for small children. This dog is for collectors and lovers of handmade toys. Sewn puppy from German viscose, filled with sawdust and granulate. All parts of the body are movable. Glass eyes. The nose is moulded from a homemade mass.