MikkaBears kit with video tutorials
59.00 USD
The MikkaBears box includes all necessary materials and tools + access to 13 video tutorials in English and Russian for making a teddy bear. The size of the finished bear 17cm. This kit contains: 1. saw dust 2. fabric (viscose schulte) 3. poly fiber stuffing 4. brush 5.oil paint (van gogh) 6. varnish for nose 7. needle for sewing 8. needle for felting 9. doll needle 10. glass eyes 11. pastel 12. sewing thread 13. tightening thread 14. nose thread 15. disks 16. shims 17.

Bronze heel with the effect of craquelure
Olena Makeienkova
230.00 USD
Made of antique plush, hand-painted. nose, palms, heels with the effect of craquelure with a bronze hue. It is fixed by six separate contacts. (double head on pins) Eye glass. Hands, feet, head and body are filled with wood shavings, the weighting agent is a glass granulate. Tinted with artistic oil. Clothes are removed. All my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, without machine sewing.

158.21 USD
He is looking for a new home. was born on 13/01/19. 11 centimeters 4.35" standing height approx Material used: teddy bear plush, mini plush Eyes: glass, black Filling: synthetic fluff, metal granulate, he is super heavy Connections: 5-section The front paws are flexible. You can gently bend them to take different cute positions. All my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, without sewing the machine!

Classic teddy bear
73.00 USD
Teddy bear is sewn entirely by hand from German mohair. Full of sintetic filler and metal granulate. The legs are mounted on the pins, the face on the rocker pins to be able not only to spin but to bend over. Growth of bear about 13 cm in standing tall and 10 cm sitting. On the specifics of the pattern can only sit. On the neck a silk ribbon.

Giraffe Pete
105.00 USD
100% handmade Original sewing pattern. Pete's giraffe sewn from plush hand painted. This is a frame toy. Materials: wire, holofiber, plastic.

150.00 USD
waiting for his young lady rabbit So nice and even romantic... Will always bring good mood to his owner. Will be a nice present! It is made in mixed technique. Height of standing 35 cm with ears, sitting 29 cm. 5 cotter pins. Filled with wool. Completely hand sewn using my own pattern a real OOAK. All of my toys are 100% hand made no machine sewing. Not for children to play.

Rabbit Cute Creation
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
95.00 USD
Sweet Creation is really sweet, you just have to look into his eyes!

Marie Juana.
Tatiana Zelenkova
200.00 USD
Rabbit. Daughter of the leader of a tribe of Indians. Seat size 19cm. Made of German and Italian viscose (2 species). Artificial suede on the eyelids, feet and ears. Ears are reinforced with wire. The eyelids of the eyes are mobile: they open and close. The body without the use of a frame, sculpture is made according to the correct author's drawings and fillings.

170.00 USD
It is made without sewing pattern, based on my imagination. It reflects well the characteristics of the breed. The core is wire, and I applicated fabric on it. It is made with mixed technique, at the end of the process I shaded the fabric. The nose is ceramic formed by me , and the eyes are acrylic, to make he realistic.

Bear Hugs Originals
295.00 USD
Elsa is made out of a gorgeous long pile, blue/white tipped imported faux fur. She is approximately 24" from head to toe. Elsa's beautiful face has been extensively needle/scissor sculpted and I have given her a big needle felted blue nose. She sees the world through premium black glass eyes with white wool accents and black shading.

50.00 USD
The etymology of the name Maudelus is raised to the Lithuanian mauda 'care'.

Tess garden
109.59 USD
Sewn from hand-dyed viscose. Stuffing sawdust and metal granulate. Mount 5 pins, Eyes glass. Embroidered waxed nose. Tinted with oil paints and pastel. Removable dress is made of delicate cotton, decorated with lace. Leather boots, hand made. Standing approx 18,5cm tall. The arms, head and legs move. Сan not stand. All of my toys and clothes are 100% hand made, no machine sewing!

Astra teddy
43.96 USD
Bunny Fred is a wonderful and was sewed from German viscose Schulte, filled with sawdust and metal granules. Pads of ears from cotton. Eyes made of beads. Size 11,5 cm ( 4,53 inches). The head and paws on the pins are movable. I send my work in a gift box. The parcel is being tracked. Tinted with artistic colors. The collar is made of cotton. The Bunny can sit alone. Artificially aged..

Hidden Forest
125.00 USD
Elephant created from two types of Italian viscose, tightly stuffed with sawdust and metal weighting compound, glass eyes, tinted with oil paints. All clothes are taken off: linen jacket, jute hat, shirt. 100% handmade no machine sewing. The toy is packed in a wooden box, has a passport, a postcard, a wooden token you can immediately give as a gift. I can write greetings in the card.

Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
115.67 USD
Frida grew up a wonderful child ...Bright, with a strong character, loving life ...This elephant is 21 cm of height, made from vintage plush color of dusty green needles, ears from cotton. Flowers and a bird made in the technique of dry felting. Embroidery floss and gold thread. Stuffed with sawdust and steel granules, has 5 way disk joints, glass eyes.

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